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Obi Mobiles breaks the clutter – and how!

FCB Ulka creates two TVCs for the new handset brand with a differentiated strategy to help it stand out among the clutter and connect with the youth in a never-before way

Obi Mobiles breaks the clutter – and how!

FCB Ulka creates two TVCs for the new handset brand with a differentiated strategy to help it stand out among the clutter and connect with the youth in a never-before way

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | September 17, 2014

Obi-Mobiles-TVC Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Obi Mobiles is the latest entrant in the Indian smartphone market. The company is promoted by Inflexion point, a globally focused IT supply chain company co-founded by John Sculley (former Apple CEO) and Neeraj Chauhan (Global Distribution Entrepreneur). Ajay Sharma is the CEO of Obi mobiles.

Obi Mobiles has ambitious plans for India. They are looking at leadership position by being a one-of-a-kind smartphone. Their aim is to win hearts of the youth and become their most loved smartphone brand.

Obi Mobiles appointed FCB Ulka as their creative agency to create a differentiated strategy to help them stand out in the clutter and connect with the youth.

Ajay Sharma, CEO, Obi Mobiles, comes with an experience of more than 30 years during which he has led smartphone brands like Micromax and HTC. He said, “In a market cluttered with innumerable brands offering the latest in technology, the challenge for us was to find a unique space for ourselves. While everyone is selling features, we decided to create a brand the youth can relate to. With this objective in mind the current campaign projects Obi as the brand which is out there to celebrate individuality, without ever being judgmental. If you look at mobile communication today it is largely focused on features and product usage. Hence, Obi decided to break out of the template and let people make their own choice without being preachy.”

With this in mind, FCB Ulka came up with the brand thought ‘Whoever you are’ – a philosophy that illustrates how Obi celebrates every individual, as he/she is. FCB Ulka has created two brand films with a unique creative device. The films show people with animal heads. Why animals? Animals are simple to understand, honest, fun and always real. They don't wear masks, they are who they are. So they were a natural fit.

In one of the films, the protagonist is a black sheep of the family, a little different from the others. He does not try to fit with the crowd but acts himself around people. Instead of being bogged down, he is comfortable in his own skin of a black sheep.

In the second film, the protagonist is a chameleon at her work place. The story revolves around her being her normal self – a little moody, a lot of fun, bold and proud of herself.

Vasudha Misra, Sr. Creative Director, FCB Ulka, said, “Advertising in the phone category seems like it's all coming from the same place – with the phone at the front, back and centre of the communication. We wanted to keep our communication as distinct as our product. For Obi, more than anything, we wanted to establish a tone and a vibe that lends itself to all elements, even the logo, a unique one that people will be able to spot and recognise without waiting for the product window.”

Sanjay Tandon, Chief Operating Officer, FCB Ulka, said, “Obi is a global smartphone brand debuting in India. It’s backed by John Sculley, a marketing legend who has seen enormous success with PepsiCo and Apple. We have developed the brand idea and its design keeping in mind the global ambition and some clear and universal consumer signals. Obi as a brand is envisioned to be disruptive in its experience. It’s going to be a quirky and charming brand that sticks under your skin. As the rollout gathers momentum, consumers will realise that it represents an explosive celebration of the self, and the more they engage with the brand, the more enriched is their life.”

The TVC:




Creative Agency: FCB Ulka

Creative Director: Vasudha Misra

COO: Sanjay Tandon

CEO, Obi Mobiles: Ajay Sharma



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