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The New Fiat Punto Evo has just made driving more interesting

The latest TVC, conceptualised by Grey Group India, focuses more on the 'experience' of what it 'feels' to drive the car

The New Fiat Punto Evo has just made driving more interesting

The latest TVC, conceptualised by Grey Group India, focuses more on the 'experience' of what it 'feels' to drive the car

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | August 14, 2014

Fiat-Punto-Evo Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Punto has always been the most prized possession in Fiat’s stable. Introduced five years ago, the car was much appreciated for its performance, design, features and handling. This reflected in its sales when Punto became Fiat’s largest selling car. Now, after establishing an enormous fan base, Fiat is introducing the all-new Punto Evo with a revamped design. The car has retained its strengths while packing in oodles of style and plenty of new features.

For Punto’s advertising agency, Grey Group, the task was clear: announce the new Punto Evo, reinstate its strengths while promoting all the new additions, and ensure the car is a part of Fiat’s overall brand positioning of ‘Hello Life’. The major challenge that Grey Group faced was that the communication had to capture the famed solidity of the car and yet promote the stylish new looks and features.

The agency has come up with a campaign that ticks all the checkboxes while driving home the point with a lot of flair. The creative idea is ‘Life just became more interesting’ and it uses the device of adding a different take to any situation. While something is enjoyable in its own way, it can be made even better by simply incorporating a different aspect to it.

Nagesh Basavanhalli, MD and President, Fiat Chrysler India, said, “Punto Evo is a stylish, premium hatchback embodying Italian design flair making it a preferred choice of a style conscious consumer. Agency was given the task of communicating the strengths of Punto while making it appeal to its target consumers who are life maximizers - Youthful, Carefree, Cool, Hep, Happening, Stylish, Energetic. They are evolved and tech savvy. While we had a choice to talk just about the product, we wanted to keep it around the consumer and what the car promises to be to his/her life and hence, we developed the proposition of New Punto Evo, life just became more interesting. The TVC maintains the premium and international imagery of the brand and keeps the communication to the point yet very eye-catching and full of life.”

The look and feel of the communication has been kept very youthful, energetic and full of style, just like the car itself.

The film opens with a man dressed elegantly in a black suit (VO: A black suit is great). The next frame shows a stylishly dressed man wearing a yellow tie (VO: A yellow tie is interesting). The next scene is of a group of friends drinking coffee (VO: Coffee is great). This is followed by a shot of a pretty woman being served a cappuccino (VO: Cappuccinos are interesting). The film goes on to show some other situations which become better by simply incorporating a different aspect to it.

Taking a leap from the story, the all-new Fiat Punto Evo is introduced – a great car that has become more interesting. Features like Blue & Me, Follow Me headlamps, superior ride and handling and swanky interiors have made the Punto Evo a lot more interesting. The film ends with a VO that says: ‘Life just became more interesting’.

Malvika Mehra Malvika Mehra

Malvika Mehra, National Creative Director, Grey Group India, said, “Most car advertising in this segment typically sounds very transactional and competitive. It's mostly about mileage, power, legroom, etc., which while being an important part of the decision-making process, sometimes leave out the 'experience' of what it 'feels' to drive that car. We forget that cars are actually an extension of one's personality. With the new communication for the Punto Evo, with its exciting new features and great Italian design pedigree, an intrinsic part of the Fiat lineage, we have tried to occupy the mind space of a discerning consumer who while being reassured of the 'basic asks' of a great car, also has a chance to have an 'interesting' driving experience with this Italian hatchback.”

Dheeraj Sinha Dheeraj Sinha

Dheeraj Sinha, Chief Strategy Officer, South & South East Asia, Grey Group, commented, “The challenge for Punto was to evolve its equity while retaining its strengths. We rooted the evolution in the changing archetype of the Indian man. The good boy has now become interesting. He has always been solid and intelligent, now he has added flair. The Indian geek today comes in coloured pants and spiked hair. This is also the shift that Punto as a car brand is going through. Punto has been a solid car. The new Punto Evo is made more interesting with a host of new features thereby adding new flair. Punto has evolved to Punto Evo in-line with the consumer, from being great to being interesting too.”

The TVC:



Creative agency: Grey Group India

National Creative Director: Malvika Mehra

Creative Team: Vishnu Srivatsav, Goral Ajmera

Account Management: Vineet Singh, Mudassir Ansari, Nishant Venkatram

Chief Strategy Officer: Dheeraj Sinha

Sr. Brand Planning Director: Soumitra Patnekar

Films: Samir Chadha

Production House: Flying Pigs

Director: Bharat Sikka

Producer: Salil Khurana

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