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TV18 launches India’s first Gujarati business channel, CNBC Bajar

CNBC Bajar will be headed by Sanjay Pugalia as Editor-in-chief. It is designed for India’s most vibrant community, the original entrepreneurs and global Indians

TV18 launches India’s first Gujarati business channel, CNBC Bajar

CNBC Bajar will be headed by Sanjay Pugalia as Editor-in-chief. It is designed for India’s most vibrant community, the original entrepreneurs and global Indians

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | July 1, 2014

CNBC-BajarFrom small-time traders to business leaders, the Gujarati community is India’s most dynamic business community. Born entrepreneurs and risk takers, they have been driving the Indian economy with their ambition and putting India on the global business map. It has always been a part of their DNA to give birth to pioneering business ideas, capitalise on opportunities and create a glorious future. It is for this community that TV18 is launching CNBC Bajar, India’s first Gujarati business channel.

Designed for India’s most vibrant community, dedicated to the original entrepreneurs and global Indians CNBC Bajar is a tool for Gujaratis to make the most of every business and trading day. It’s a tool almost as powerful as the Gujarati community itself.

CNBC Bajar is partnered by, in association with Adani and Ganesh Housing.

Backed by the editorial might of the CNBC Universe – CNBC TV18 and CNBC Awaaz – CNBC Bajar is the newest jewel in the crown of India’s only business news network.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi commented, “It is truly a big idea to have initiated a business channel in Gujarati. You have understood the mindset and lifeline of Gujaratis and I believe this Gujarati channel will get you the highest profit, as compared to all other channels of your Network. Even in the diamond market, an Israeli is learning Gujarati in order to conduct business with a 5th standard pass Gujarati businessman. In the entire world, Gujarati language is accepted as the language of business. It is a form of currency. It is reflective of the economy. And that is why the tagline ‘Business Ni Matrubhasha’ is easily relatable to Gujaratis.”

The channel is anchored and driven by some of the biggest names in Indian news and television. Sanjay Pugalia is the editor-in-chief, and anchors Pradeep Pandya and Aashka Goradia will be the face of the channel.

The channel will offer a mix of live market coverage from NSE, BSE, commodities, currency, etc., and feature shows on aspects such as personal finance, entrepreneurship, property, lifestyle, etc.

Pugalia said, “With the kind of programming plan that CNBC Bajar has, the channel is armed with a global attitude and the pace of a general news channel. We have added stronger doses of content around SME, retail, bullion and commodity into the typical mainstream mix of business news. We will focus both on the micro markets within Gujarat as well as the global markets which affect the investment and business decisions of the business savvy Gujaratis.”

CEO of CNBC channels and Forbes India, Anil Uniyal, speaking about the business rationale behind the channel, said, “On every economic parameter, from industrialisation to GDP per household, Gujaratis are top performers today. However, there isn’t enough content being created to serve this hugely affluent set of viewers. It was thus a very simple decision for us when we decided to start this channel. Not only that, no other community devours content revolving around finance, markets, business and economics the way this community does. With the launch of CNBC Bajar, our company has become India’s only truly diversified business news network with unmatched presence across platforms. We can only go upwards from here.”

Speaking on the partnership, Vishal Mehta, Founder and CEO,, said, “I feel very happy and proud about this new business channel.  Gujaratis are entrepreneurial and well known for their business acumen.  This channel in Gujarati will be worthwhile for their business and new vision.  It will be truly their own channel.”

The marketing campaign of the channel is centered around the thought ‘The mother tongue of business’. It brings out the centricity of business in the life of Gujaratis and how extensively the language is used even today in the numerous dealings of business. The campaign has been designed by Ogilvy & Mather.

What business leaders think:

Uday Kotak: “First of all, congratulations. CNBC Bajar has been launched at the right time. I would say that ‘Share Bazaar’ and Gujaratis are synonymous.”

Deepak Parekh: “I’m very happy and delighted to learn that the TV18 Group is starting a new channel called CNBC Bajar. It is important that we have a business channel in Gujarati because every Gujarati is a businessman. Business is in the veins of every Gujarati individual.”

Chanda Kochhar: “Gujarati businessmen have two stellar qualities. One is their entrepreneurial spirit and the other is their inherent ability to work hard. When the circumstances are good, they go out of their way to find business opportunities. But when they face challenges, they seek innovative methods of facing them.”

Vallabh Bhansali: “In Mumbai, particularly in the textile market, the wholesale markets, the stock market, the primary language is very much Gujarati. That’s why now a Gujarati channel starting in Gujarati language is a very good thing, and my best wishes are with it.”

AM Naik: “I think Gujaratis can make business out of nothing. And apart from their entrepreneurial bent of mind, they are devoted to what they do. And that is a deadly combination.”

Adi Godrej: “Gujarat has always played a very strong role in the business affairs of our country. Gujaratis have been entrepreneurial and pioneering. A disproportionate part of the investment into the Indian stock market, both primary and secondary, comes from Gujarat.”

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