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It’s ‘Game On’ as Maggi finds one more way to make health a fun activity

The campaign, conceptualised by Publicis Capital, aims to target all moms to teach their kids how to lead a healthy life

It’s ‘Game On’ as Maggi finds one more way to make health a fun activity

The campaign, conceptualised by Publicis Capital, aims to target all moms to teach their kids how to lead a healthy life

Sarmistha Neogy | Mumbai | June 13, 2014

Maggi-TVC Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Nestle India has released a brand new television campaign for its brand ‘Maggi’ featuring Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit. The main aim of this campaign, created by Publicis Capital, was to target mothers and to make them aware of the unhealthy and sedentary life their children lead.

Studies initiated by the brand showed an alarming statistic in urban areas: only 20% of the kids today are engaged in sports and half of them are not involved in any kind of physical activity.

Commenting on the brief, Hemant, Misra, CEO, Publicis Capital, said, “This is not just about a campaign idea. In Maggi we have a unique brand that inspires trust and is constantly looking for ways to help mothers make their kids happy along with living healthier. In our research we had found that with advancement in technology more and more kids are getting immersed in sedentary lifestyles, and their health is suffering from the resulting lack of activity. Since health itself is very boring for kids, we needed to develop a concept that could send the message of health and enjoyment innovatively. We already had the credentials in Maggi Veg Atta Noodles which is an excellent product with the goodness of fibre of rotis. Therefore, our brief was to develop a campaign that encouraged moms to inspire their kids to become physically active and make health more enjoyable.”

The 45-second, TVC starts with a couple of kids who are hooked to their video games, but they get surprised when they hear noises of people playing in their playground. Out of curiosity, they go down to check and find their moms playing football in their ground!

One of the kids, who plays Madhuri’s son in the film, confronts them saying that the ground belongs to the kids. To which she replied, that if you kids don’t play, then we only have to play in this ground.

Both teams challenge each other and keep the game on and have a lively game together. Once the match gets over, this kid goes up to his mother and tells her that he is very hungry. She asks him to wait for two minutes and a voiceover tells the audience that ‘Maggi Veg Atta Noodles with grain shakti’ has the fibre qualities of three rotis. She signs off saying: “Health ko mazedaar banane ka ek aur tarika” (One more way to make health fun). The film ends with Madhuri and her son relishing bowls of Maggi noodles along with the other kids.

On asking, if choosing football was done, keeping in mind the World Cup, he replied, “It was a happy coincidence and we hadn’t plan anything before hand. We wanted to do something different and obviously stay away from cricket- which has been done to death. Football is a much livelier game and it takes lots of energy to take part in one.”

Shivani Hegde, General Manager (Foods), Nestlé India, said, “Physical activity and healthy diets are two very important ingredients for health. The biggest challenge for mother’s today is how to make the combination of activity and nutrition a natural part of daily life. The question for us was to see how we could use our expertise and our insights about human behaviour and consumption preferences to help mothers make their kids healthy. The answer came with the simple concept ‘Health ko mazedaar banaao’. Using this as the central idea, Maggi will now lead the way to inspire kids and support mothers to make the pursuit of health enjoyable saying ‘Game On’.”

In the meantime, Maggi will continue to work with the Nestlé R&D network and in the next few months roll out more products that provide the natural goodness of grains.

“Madhuri readily agreed to partner with us to inspire moms and encourage kids to pursue health with enjoyment. She is a versatile person, a great actress and epitomises the progressive mom.  With Madhuri as our spokesperson, it will make our job of spreading the message easier,” commented Misra.

Along with this TVC, the brand has lined up a host of other promotional activities across mediums.

The TVC:



Client: Nestle India

Brand: Maggi Veg Atta Noodles

Agency: Publicis Capital

Creative Team: Ritu Sharda, Mohit Tomar, Anirban Sanyal, Auryndom Bose, Avinash Nishad

Business Team: Ashutosh Sawhney, Aniruddha Deb, Gagan Sharma, Shivani Sharma

Production House: Chrome Pictures

Director: Manoj Pillai

Producer: Prafull Sharma

Music Director: Amar

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