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ASCI upholds complaints against 134 out of 144 ads in Jan 2014

Advertisements in Personal and Healthcare sector category again topped the list with 77 per cent of the total misleading advertisements

ASCI upholds complaints against 134 out of 144 ads in Jan 2014

Advertisements in Personal and Healthcare sector category again topped the list with 77 per cent of the total misleading advertisements

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | April 15, 2014

asci-logoIn January 2014, ASCI’s Consumer Complaints Council (CCC) upheld complaints against 134 out of 144 advertisements. Advertisements in Personal and Healthcare sector category again topped the list with 77 per cent of the total misleading advertisements.

Health & Personal Care

The CCC found the following claims in health and personal care product or service ads of 105 advertisers, released in the press to be either misleading or false or not adequately/scientifically substantiated and hence violating ASCI’s Code. Some of the health care products or services ads also contravened provisions of the Drug & Magic Remedies Act. Complaints against the following ads were UPHELD.

  1. Anoos Electrolysis & Obesity Pvt Ltd: Anoos Beauty Parlour claims about ‘Anoo's Zero Hair Challenge - Removes all unwanted hair, permanently which no laser treatment can promise’,
  2. RamkrishnaVidyut Ayurvedic Pharmacy: Mahabhringraj Oil claims that it ‘stops hair fall, greying, and prevents baldness.’
  3. Prem Henna Private Limited:  Nisha Natural Heena Hair Colour claims that ‘it is an ayurvedic based natural hair colour which contains heena, amla, shikakai, hibiscus and aloe vera.
  4. PG Herbal Industries: Pappu Guptakrut Range of Products claims that it can ‘end piles in 45 days (bloody and vadi)’, ‘haemorrhoids end in 3 months permanently’, ‘cures deafness in 3 months.’
  5. Vasan Healthcare Enterprise: Vasan Eye Care Hospital claims that it helps to ‘re-gain lost eye sight.’
  6. Philips Electronics India Limited: Philips Kerashine Range claims that it ‘does not damage hair even when styled every day.’
  7. Dabur India Ltd: Dabur Chyawanprash’s packaging claims that it provides ‘3 times more immunity’. The fine print says that the claim of ‘3 times more immunity’ is based on ‘preclinical study on NK cells’. It also claims that it is scientifically proven.
  8. Instasculpt: Advertisement claims that it helps ‘5 kgs and 5 inches loss by 31st December 2013’.
  9. Leeford: Meglow premium Fairness Cream claims to ‘give new glow and natural fairness’.
  10. Keva Ayurveda Health Care Pvt Ltd.: Shape Up Naturally claims that it helps ‘lose weight naturally in just 25 days up to 7 kgs with no side effects and no crash diets’.
  11. Madrasi Gel: The advertisement makes an impression which suggests to cure impotency, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation and also increase the organ size. DMR violation
  12. Emami Limited: Zandu Kesari Jeevan TVC shows Pandit Birju Maharaj with the footnote stating ‘Padma Vibhushan Pandit Birju Maharaj. The reference to the Award Prefix Padma Vibhushan was in breach of the law and a commercial exploitation of a civilian Award. Advertiser would be modifying the TVC.
  13. Foodyoga Health Clinic: Dr. Vinay Jadhav’s Weight Loss Program claims to ‘lose 15 Kgs in 3 months, no dieting, no exercise and no medicine’.
  14. SP Treatment Centre: SP Treatment kit guarantees no side effects; it helps you lose weight with ease. SP Treatment is a natural ayurvedic food supplement; it is a safer way to lose weight, unlike surgeries.
  15. Hair Solutions: Claims that ‘even genetic baldness treated’. ‘Result starts showing within 20 days and no surgery/no side effects’.
  16. Standard Laboratories: Nawab-E-Nawabi  claims that it is ‘quick effective nutritious and power booster’,  ‘great herbal formulation brings passion and hardness in the nerves’,  ‘eradicates night fall, thinness of semen and makes it concentric’,  ‘cures Semen in urine, premature ejaculation’. DMR violation
  17. Nubello Aesthetic Clinic: Claims that with Hair Regrowther Pep Technics one can get instant permanent max density hair transplant and 95% regrowth guarantee. FDA approved.
  18. Natural Herbal Remedies: Prime Ayurveda Range of Products  claim that ‘the magic of Cardiac Tea takes care of your heart’,  ‘Cardiac Tea makes the heart stronger’,  ‘reduces the chances of heart attack’,  ‘helps in opening the nerves of heart’,  ‘brings freshness by keeping the brain calm’,  ‘controls cholesterol’ and ‘makes blood pressure normal’.
  19. Uranyx Healthcare: Ura Power Capsules claims that it ‘gets rid of physical weakness, increasing age, tiredness and insomnia, mental stress, sugar (Diabetes)’,  ‘no side effect’,  ‘100% ayurvedic’.
  20. Skin & Cosmetic Clinic: Claims that it gives ‘successful treatment for all types of skin diseases and white spots etc’.
  21. Uranyx Healthcare: Claims that Ura Power Capsules are good ‘for passion, energy and new youthfulness.’ ‘Saffron enriched Ura Power Capsule’.
  22. Slim Forever Obesity Clinic: Claims that itreduces 5 kilos in a month for Rs. 800’, ‘reduces 6-8 inches, 4-5 kilos in a month for Rs. 2800’.
  23. Ayush Homeopathy: Claims that it can ‘get treatment done with 100% guarantee’ and ‘get complete treatment done for all female diseases by lady doctor.’
  24. Dr.  Shah’s Jai Vimal Health Clinic: Claims that it treats with advance homeopathy. Before and after visuals imply cure of baldness.
  25. Nagi Clinic: Claims that it cures semen in urine, weakness, strength, (NIL) sperms, makes health, increases height and gets rid of addiction.
  26. Earth Clinic India: Claims that ‘we will help you lose extra body weight, reverse diabetes, manage high blood pressure, high triglycerides and high cholesterol.’
  27. Sharp Pharmaceutical: Shaktida Power Booster claims that Visuals imply product meant to enhance sexual pleasure. Beneficial for Passion, Energy, Joy, Enthusiasm, Sexual Weakness, Mental Stress, Body and Waist Pain or Joint Pains, Allergy, Fatigue and Physical Weakness (For Men and Women).
  28. YogHari Clinic – Claims that ‘YH-8 - helps to quit alcohol, smack, charas, injection, gutka, cigarettes, etc’,  ‘YH-7- helps to make muscles -Think weak and people with squeezed cheeks can increase 4 kg weight in 30 days’,  ‘Psoriasis- Successful treatment of white spots, eczema, skin disorders, pimples, freckles, dark circles and marks near eyes with the help of certified medicines’
  29. Dr A’s Clinic – Claims ‘Best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi Award’,  ‘Best hair transplant surgeon in India Award’,  ‘Best hair transplant Centre in Delhi / NCR Award’,  ‘No. 1 hair transplant Centre in USA based on consumer site for hair loss treatments.’
  30. Shreeng Mahashakti Ayurveda SansthanRoop Chandani Paardadi Lape claims ‘First time ever a sure shot medicine to cure white spots.’
  31. Vaadi Herbal  Vaadi under Eye Cream claims that it  ‘Reduces dark circles - visuals show dramatic results’, ‘Reduces wrinkles near your eyes’
  32. Repl India - Vigoura 5X claims that it ‘Shows effect in increasing age also’,  ‘Best remedy for males of age upto 50 to 80’.
  33. Repl India - Vigoura HY Power claims ‘Feeling of manliness for a long time.’
  34. Repl India - Vigoura 5000 claims ‘Only two drops have tremendous power’,   ‘No side effects’.
  35. Ayurwin - Nutri Slim Powder / Capsule claims ’Secret to become Slim by proven ingredients Garcinia (Vrikshmala) & others’, ‘As it is an herbal product, Safe to use’
  36. Anaconda Oil/Capsules: Claims that it is the ‘Only solution for problems like weakness in nerves, less passion and premature ejaculation’, ‘No Side Effects’
  37. Classical Homoeopath : Complete solution for White Spots, and stone’
  38. IZDA Healthcare – Depwin claimsGet solution for stress, anxiety, insomnia’,  Restlessness, sadness, irritation’,  ‘Disquietude, becoming pessimistic’,  ‘Un-interestiveness’,  ‘Feeling Lonely’,  ‘Stress’,  ‘Safe Herbal Product’,  ‘No Side Effect’
  39. Farata Gold Capsules / Oil: Claims to be the ‘Solution for sex problems’
  40. Acupressure Cycle – Claims ‘Acupressure Cycle - Bye to Diabetes, Stomach Disease, Heart Disease, Obesity, Joint Problem’,  ‘100 Diseases = 1 Cure (Acupressure Cycle)’,  ‘ACHIEVEMENT- 12000 people have stopped the consumption of medicines in 6 months’,  ‘42500 people (approximate) have reduced their consumption of medicines by 50%’

Addiction Mukti - ‘Addiction Free - Freedom from Addiction’, ‘Get rid of Alcohol,     Cigarette,   Gutkha, and Tobacco in just 45 days’

  1. The Body Care Slimming &Beauty Clinic for Men and Women: The ad claims 5 kg weight loss and fat loss and inch loss. The ad mentions lipo laser which means that all this is possible by lipo laser, as nothing else is mentioned. The advertiser also seems to put a star everywhere and under conditions apply.
  2. Ishguru Hitech Natural Care Products -The Body Care claims ’Body Growth helps in height growth’, ‘It is purely Ayurvedic’, ‘It guarantees 1005 positive results’,   ‘It has no side effects’
  3. Vedic Remedy Centre - Vedic Amrut claims that it gives freedom from multiple ailments - Constipation, uterus fibroids, Sinus, Allergy, Obesity, thyroid, heart ailments, Blood sugar, Varicose Veins, Muscular Pain, Impotency, Breast enhancements etc. The ad appears to be misleading, and in violation of the Drugs and Magic Remedies Act
  4. Telecolour Shopping Networks - Addiction Free Powder claims ‘Freedom from Alcohol, Cigarette, Tobacco, Drugs’, ‘Freedom from addiction with Ayurvedic powder’, ‘100% Effective’, ‘No side effects’ These claims need to be substantiated with necessary support data.
  5. Dr. Batra’s Homeopathy Clinic: Claims that Hair Loss due to heredity can be cured. This claim needs to be substantiated with necessary support data.
  6. Oma Health & Beauty Clinic: Claims ‘Lose a pound a day’ This claim needs to be substantiated with necessary support data
  7. Dezire Clinic - The advertisement promises 6 pack abs creation by laser liposuction. This claim needs to be substantiated with the necessary support data
  8. Hakim Tulsiprasad Agarwal: Shakti tarang claims that it ‘Stops impotency, premature ejaculation, and effective in increasing time.’
  9. Dr. Paresh Patel Remedies: Claims ‘Diabetes - Get freedom from Medicine and Insulin. Note - For the assurance that medicine is effective, ‘100% Money back Guarantee by the company’
  10. Royal Ayurvedic Clinic: Claims that ‘Night fall - Relief in 3 days.’,  ‘Premature Ejaculation - Relief in 5 days.’,  ‘Get rid of bad habit of masturbation in 5 to 10 days’,  ‘Less sperms, Sterility, Semen in urine, manly weakness, impotence’,  ‘Increase desired sex time’
  11. Dr Dozo Laboratories: Goniflex claims ‘For joint pain and swelling. Relief in the first week. Complete relief in two months. No need to continue medicine after two months’.
  12. Indian Psoriasis Foundation: Claims that it is the ‘Only institute in India which provides successful treatment of Psoriasis and all skin diseases.’
  13. Jeevan Jyot Sakti: Claims ‘Freedom from all sex problems.’
  14. Self-Energy:Claims ’100% Ayurvedic & No Side Effects’,  ‘Improves more time duration, stamina, energy and gives more passion.’,  ‘It brings shine by removing wrinkles and freckles on the face’,  ‘It is very beneficial for increasing man's sexual power and sperm count’.
  15. Supercare Health Clinic Private Limited : ‘Get complete solution for Sexual Diseases’, ‘Best Treatment for Manly Weakness’, ‘Less sperm count – Impotence, - Premature Ejaculation,  - Looseness of organs / smallness, - Childless couples’
  16. Sri Sainath Health Center: Claims  ‘Complete treatment of Sexual problems by Ultra Sonic Pilling.’, ‘Successful treatment of sex problem patients by Hormonal Therapy, Psyco Sexual Therapy, Injection Therapy, Herbal Therapy
  17. Dabur India – Limited Dabur Shilajit Gold claims for complete vigour and power. His vigour amazes me. Visual implies product meant to enhance sexual pleasure.’
  18. Anmol Ayur Clinic: Claims to Meet for real successful ayurvedic treatment of impotence, earlyfall, organal defects, semen in urine, nightfall, mental/ physical weakness, all weaknesses related to sex, S.T.D from its roots’, ‘Effect from the very first intake’
  19. Abhijit Chikitsalay: Claims ‘Successful treatment of infertility (childlessness) and incurable diseases.’
  20. Pranacharya Ayurvedic Clinic: Claims to ‘Get rid of Alcoholism, smack, capsule, afim, charas, gaanja, bhang, injection, cigarette, tobacco etc all kinds of addictions’
  21. Sumul Dairy – Sumul Dahi claims ‘To get rid of cholesterol and infection.’
  22. Poison Anti-Aging Skin Clinic: Claims to be ‘Awarded as the Best Skincare & Hair Clinic by Shashi Tharoor.’
  23. Ortho Veda: Claims that  ‘Artho Veda Syrup regenerates the stickiness (Synovial fluid) found between the joints and ends pain and swelling’,  ‘Treatment of Arthritis, Waist Pain, Neck pain, and all bone diseases’
  24. Baidyanath Vita Ex Gold Shree Baidyanath Ayur Bhawan: Claims ‘Power, Pleasure, Performance’. Visual implies product meant to enhance sexual pleasure.
  25. Benda Acupuncture Sliming Center: Claims to ’Reduce Obesity - Record of reducing 55 kg weight with easy techniques, no side effects.’, ‘Child with cerebral palsy completely treated’, ‘Treatment for Deafness, Increase height and Paralysis’.
  26. Lida Herbal Products: Lida Herbal Slimming Capsules claims ‘1 lida a day keeps fat away’ This ad contravenes the Drugs and Magic Remedies Act.
  27. The Body Care Slimming & Beauty Clinic for Men and Women:  The ad shows size reduction from size XXL (Extra Extra Large) to size M (Medium) in 24 hours.
  28. Forever Young: Claims ‘10 kg weight loss in 10 weeks’, ‘Guaranteed weight loss and inch Loss. ‘, ‘Weight loss with lipo laser’ Liposuction/ lipolaser is only advised for body contouring and not for weight loss.
  29. German Homeo Clinic: Ad suggests to provide treatment for, “Impotence, Eczema, Psoriasis, Diabetes, and White Spots” which needs to be substantiated. Visual implies that the product is meant to enhance sexual pleasure.
  30. Hashmi Herbal Pharmacy have advertised for medicines which Increase stamina and performance, remove stress, depression, anxiety, fertility, breast enhancement and weight reduction.

71.    Max Dawakhana claims that it helps in “Successful treatment of Impotence, Mistakes of childhood and problems of penis due to wrong company viz. looseness, smallness, crookedness and length of penis, thickness.”

72.   Multani Pharmaceuticals Ltd: Multani Rovaan Hair Care Range claims that Rosemary- Stops hair fall and helps in hair growth

  1. Fit N Perfect Pvt Ltd: Guarana Fat Burner claims that it is “100% Natural & Veg, No Side Effects”,   “Guarana Fat Burner tablets dissolves the excess fat and max to lose weight. “Gurana Fat Burner contains appetite suppressing agent that helps you eat less.
  2. Skin City claims that it “Solves the problem of White Spots”, “More than 2 lakh satisfied patients”, “More than 4 lakhs successful lasers”, “India’s largest hair and skin restoration centre.”
  3. Evolution Sports Nutrition Private Limited claims that “ESN Core Muscle Series provides the extra performance boosting nutrition. You achieve your goals in less time by harnessing every cell in your body for complete purpose specific output. Core uses state of art formulations, proven   to increase performance and output significantly and immediately.”
  4. Desh Herbal claims “To provide treatment and cure with D. H. Genital massage Oil for Impotence, Low Sperm count, Sexual Weakness etc.” Visuals imply that the product is meant to enhance sexual pleasure. The advertisement appears to be in violation of the Drugs and Magic Remedies Act & Rules.
  5. Sanjeevani Ayurveda claims “Weight loss achieved will be around 4-6 kgs in 25 days”, “Losing weight through detoxification and massages” The complainant states that 25 days do not give solution to obesity problems. These claims need to be substantiated with necessary support data.”
  6. Raman Ayurvedic Cancer Sewa Society claims “100% Treatment of Kidney Failure, Liver, and Cancer.”
  7. Ashok Clinic claims that you can Get rid of addiction without telling”, “Effective in the right way with no side effect”
  8. Shree Sai Homeopathic Nirogdham claims “Successful treatment of Stone by medicine”, “Successful treatment of Gland clot, tumour (breast & ovary clot), skin diseases, stomach diseases and joint pains.”
  9. Sri Sai Ayurvedashram claims to “Getrid of Obesity.”, “Reduce the unnecessary fat and increased stomach without any side effect”, “This will give permanent benefit. 45 days course”
  10. Om Sai Ayurveda India claims it has no side effects as its made by experienced vaids after a long and intensive research with white musli, ashwagandha, nut meg, shatawari, akarkara and similar 14  pure rare and effective herbs extract.  This 3 months course has cured physical weakness of lakhs of people.
  11. Mcranium Healthcare claims that it helps to get rid of “Alcohol generated Hangover, Acidity, Headache, body pain, lethargy.”
  12. Dr. Samrat Clinic Private Limited claims “Get permanent freedom from Alcohol, Afim, Gutka, Tobacco, Beedi, Cigarette, Capsule, Injection, Fluid, Morfim and all types of addictions.”
  13. Sri Sanjeevini Solutions claims To be India's no 1 cold laser lounge.”
  14. Dr. P. S. Shah’s claims treatment for HIV. This ad appears to be misleading, it also contravenes the Drugs and Magic Remedies Act.
  15. Chirayu HealthCare Centre: Claims Marriage benefit In 15 Days premature Ejaculation, Night Fall, Impotency, Cure Nil Sperm, Semen In Urine Problem, Physical Weakness Of Males, Weakness Due To Diabetes, Couples With No Child.
  16. Asian Herbal: Claims “Successful Experience within 7 days”, “S S OIL increases capability of sex”,   Visuals imply that the product is meant to enhance sexual pleasure.
  17. Ayush Homeopathy: Claims Treatment of Baldness and hair related problems.”
  18. Dr. Balvinder Singh Walia and Sons: Claims “Evergreen assured guaranteed treatment for power - semen- nightfall - Sex & VD, Nill Sperms, mistakes in childhood, weakness arised due to old age or sugar.”
  19. Dr. Dassan's Ayurvedic Herbal Formulations: Claims “Successful and cheap treatment for kidney failure”,  “It is not true that kidney problems can be cured by transplant or dialysis only, Life Care Centre Punjab has made RE RENAL Capsule which can make kidney to function like before and is quick effective”.
  20. Dr. Patel Anti-Aging Clinic: Claims “Become 10 years younger.”
  21. Positive Homeopathy: Claims that “Are you suffering from infertility? Don't worry …Get cure from Positive.”
  22. Zeel Homeopathy Centre: Claims “Treatment for increasing Height.”
  23. Morbett Healthcare Private Limited: Debi Fit Capsule claims “Use Debi Fit and get 100% rid of sugar problems. Bye bye diabetes”, “Cures all types of sugar related problems and gives a new life”
  24. Geetanjali Education Group: Geetanjali Medical College & Hospital claims to “Get rid of obesity permanently.”
  25. Naturoveda Health World: Claims that the product enhances sexual pleasure. Prescribed medicines are approved by the Drug Control of India.
  26. Eye Max: Claims to make the eye muscles stronger, improve blood circulation, and remove eye toxins and eye water.
  27. Poison Anti-Aging Clinic Pvt Ltd: Claims to lose 15 to 25 % stubborn fat in 1 seating. This claim needs to be substantiated with necessary support data.
  1. VJ Health Care: Claims “5kg guaranteed weight loss”,  “Instant inch loss”,  “10 kgs guaranteed weight loss”

101. AAA Teleshopping P. Ltd. Energy Prash: Claims that “Energy Prash increases Oxygen in the blood, improves immunity, improves Vitality, and brings back your youthfulness”. The ad appears to be in violation of the Drugs and Magic Remedies Act.

102.     Ego Wellness: Claims Lose upto 10 kg & 40-50 cms in a certain price.

103.       SBS Biotech Kesh King Hair Oil: Claims that with light Liquid Paraffin Oil, KeshKing helps in curing hair loss is misleading.

104.    Tates Remedies Ozamine Liquid: The claim that it tones up Pancreas to produce insulin adequately, cleanses body system and Helps purify & regulate blood circulation.


The CCC found following claims in print ads by 10 different advertisers were not substantiated violating the ASCI Guidelines for Advertising of Educational Institutions and hence the complaints against the ads were UPHELD:

  1. Triumphant Institute of Management Education, Cadd Centre India Private Limited – (Dream Zone School of Interior Design), Accurate Group of Institutions: Complaints against advertisements of all above educational institutes were UPHELD because of unsubstantiated claims that they ‘provide 100% placement/AND/OR they claim to be the no.1 in their respective fields’.
  2. Institute of Finance Banking & Insurance – Claims ‘Become a Bank Officer in 60 days’, ‘Placement as Bank Officer on program completion’, ‘India's Largest Banking Education & Training Institution’, ‘Over 25,000 Placements. Over 1, 00,000 Professionals Trained.’
  3. Institute of Management Technology: Claims to be ‘Ranked #1 by Zee Business, Businessworld, DNA& competition success.’
  4. IMS Learning Resources P. Ltd: CAT’14 Classroom Program claims ’Prepare with the Best (Best Results, Faculty, People….)’.   This claim is not substantiated and validated by any independent agency.  Advertiser needs to provide supporting evidence/data duly validated to prove its claim of being the Best.

5.       Sona School of Management: Claims ranked one of the top B Schools by Business India, The Week, Competition success, Education Post & Business & Economy Magazines.

6.      Sri Shaanti Niketan Vidyalayam English Medium High School claims that it is “Recognized by The Government of Andhra Pradesh since 1982”. This claim appears to be false and misleading.

7.       Academy of Future Teacher & Education - AFTE claims that it is  a “Join Intensive Coaching Classes for Assured Selection”,  “India's No. 1 Institute”

8.       Career Launcher: The Company still maintains misleading information on their website, in spite of the complainant approaching the company to remove the said claims.

Consumer Durables

The CCC concluded that the claims mentioned in these 5 advertisements were not substantiated.  The advertisements contravened ASCI’s Code.  The complaints were UPHELD.

  1. Havells India Limited: Havells Geyser Havells claims that Geyser keeps hot water hot for 24 hours in only ½ a unit of electricity. The protagonist in the Ad is advising the consumers to keep the gadget on even when not in use.  The CCC concluded that the Ad without justifiable reason encourages negligence towards utilization of electricity and exploits consumers’ lack of experience or knowledge regarding ‘Standing Loss’ value being valid if no water drawn.
  2. Eco Crystal Private Limited: Claims ‘No.1 in the world Eco Crystal's RO Water Filter.’
  3. T& G Pure Aqua Private Limited: Waves RO Water Purifiers claims that it is “India's No.1 Water Purifier”, “5 Times better No.1 brand”


Food & Beverages

The CCC concluded that the claims mentioned in these 7 advertisements were not substantiated.  The advertisements contravened ASCI’s Code.  The complaints were UPHELD.

1.        First Choice Food Products Private Limited: TGR Dia Rice claims that “We at First Choice have developed a product - TGR Dia Rice with low glycemic index that is helpful for managing hyperglycemia.”

2.       Radikal Overseas Pvt.Ltd: Radikal Rice claims, “Radikal Rice doesn’t make you sleepy”. Doesn’t hold up; there’s no genetic difference between their rice and rice from other sources.

3.       Cadbury India Ltd: Cadbury Bournvita tvc shows, “One of the boxers in the Ad without a helmet”. This promotes an unsafe practice.

4.      Parle Products P. Ltd. Parle kachha mango bite tvc shows “Shri Amitabh Bachchanji throwing a stone to get mangoes from the tree.” This may be replicated by children which is not only harmful to them but also to people around them.

5.       Jivo Canola claims the following: “Jivo Canola, Healthiest Amongst All Cooking Oils Of The World”. laims to Reduce Belly-Fat, Jivo Canola Oil Enhances Child Brain memory & Intelligence, Sharper Mind, Healthier Heart, Stronger Bones, Canola Cooking Oil Reduces Bad Cholesterol, Risk of Heart Diseases, Diabetes & High B.P., And Protects from Cancer none of which bear any source.

6. Shakti Bhog Foods Ltd: Shakti Bhog Atta claims it is “Desh ka No. 1 Atta”. This claim

Real Estate

Ansal Properties &Infrastructure Ltd: Ansal Api Sushant golf city claims, ‘flats starting from 2.36 lakhs in ansalapisushant golf city’. When the complainant enquired on phone they said it costs 32 lakhs. The Advertiser is misguiding the public


1.   Aegon Religare Life Insurance Company Limited: Aegon Religare claims a guaranteed return of 135% as bold headline. This is clear misrepresentation of facts and uses incorrect calculations to attract naive customers with false promises.

2.  Shri Lakshmi CotsynLimited: Weaves Bed  Linen claims  ‘Vitamin-E Enriched Bed Sheets Now wake up to Glowing Skin’, ‘Certified by Bureau Veritas Consumer Product Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. Effective up to 15 washes’.

3.       S.S. Teleshopping: Mileage Plus claims that this product increases the mileage of a vehicle by 40% to 50%. The claims are misleading.

4.      Devishree Foundation Trust: Bhairavi Sadhana’s TVC appears to be in violation of The Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act.

5.       Odisha Television Network Tarang Television Ltd ad mentions, ‘No-1 Odia Channel’ just below their logo. The ad does not mention any source against the claim. The advertisement Tarang claiming as No-1 Odia Channel without source is false and highly miss-leading. Claiming No-1 status is without source is purely intentional.

6.      Dew Solutions Pvt Ltd: Cilory’s advertisement is obscene in nature with a female’s upper body in a half nude nightwear.

7.       Titan IndustriesLtd: Fastrack ad shows a woman covered in yellow tape with the words ‘SALE’ across her body. The complainant questions, if there is a sale on bags, wallets and sunglasses, why is a woman's body being objectified? What is the connection and how can a brand demean women on a national level. This complaint is about the sexual objectification of women in the media.

8.       Tata Motors: Tata Manza car claims to give a discount of Rs. 1.56 Lacs.  On enquiring with the dealers mentioned in the ad, not one was able to supply the car with the said discount. They replied stating that the ad was given to create a hype and that they cannot supply the said model at a discount mentioned in the ad.

9.       Bennett Coleman & Co Ltd TOI – Gurgaon’s Real No.1 “The Times of India gives you more than double the impact”.  TOI’s claim that it has more than double the impact solely on the basis / criterion of its circulation in Gurgaon, without accounting for the effect of other criteria, is completely untrue, incorrect, false and misleading.

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