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Bindass ‘B'rings purposive change for youth

New campaign by the in-house team marks the change in channel’s core messaging that targets the enabler of purposive action

Bindass ‘B'rings purposive change for youth

New campaign by the in-house team marks the change in channel’s core messaging that targets the enabler of purposive action

Sohini Sen | Mumbai | February 6, 2013

bindass-TVC Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Television channel, Bindass, has launched a new campaign showcasing a change in its core messaging. The youth entertainment channel has been known to cater to the restless. But with this in-house campaign, the channel is aiming to target the enabler of purposive action.

The campaign has been created to motivate the youth to take action and galvanise their dreams into reality. The initiative to create a change lies with each one of us and just not with society at large. The youth are looked at as an irresponsible, confused, aimless lot. However, while they enjoy their freedom in ways different from the earlier generations, they have their values, their courage and their dreams. But most of all, they have the ability, confidence and will power to turn those dreams into reality.

"Bindass has always been a brand that is entrenched in research, which helps us to be relevant to the changing perceptions of the Indian youth. So when our on-going research suggested that the youth are restless and want to take action, but the nature of the action needs to be purposive, they would rather do it themselves than wait for someone else to bring about a change. With this core thought we designed our brand philosophy of Bindass being an enabler of purposive action - which eventually resulted in the ‘b for change’ campaign,” said Shikha Kapur, Marketing Head, Bindass.

The channel has always been about the youth. However, with change in society it was time to change the channel proposition as well. The major challenge for Bindass was to create clutter-breaking communication and instil the extended philosophy of the brand in the minds of the youth. Based on the new proposition, they had to build a credible platform which will be further explored by the youth.

The TVC opens with two guys chilling out and taking pictures or selfies of themselves. However, the background quickly changes to that of a public protest where the two young boys are involved and are standing for a cause they believe in. The scene changes to that of a girl who is bored and doodling in her classroom. The page turns to someone’s body and the girl is shown to have become a successful tattoo artist. Such scenes keep appearing as the central theme of the Yo generation, the Duel generation and the Do generation is repeated. Throughout the TVC, a voiceover makes it clear how the youth are misunderstood or brushed aside even though they are capable of doing so much more, in their own way. In the end, the film projects the young people as social agents with a strong declaration – Bindass ‘B for     change’ ‘Change Aayega….Hum Laayenge’.

The TVC showcases stories of youngsters who are looked at as being superficial – connotations like careless, irresponsible, spoilt and uncouth are often attached to them – and portray a holistic picture of positivity and enthusiasm of the youth who have made a small or a big difference. It also puts forward a few thought provoking statements that aptly define the voice/intention of today’s youth.

"We also feel that the general sentiment amongst the youth currently is about the need for change and hence it was a right time for Bindass to present them with a platform that will enable them to bring about a change themselves. The brand film is the first leg of the ‘b for change’ campaign,” informed Kapur.

The TVC:



Creative Team: Bindass Creative Services (OAP Team)

Film Director: Prashant Madan

Production House: Skylark Productions

DOP: Tapan Basu

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