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Kit Kat takes a spacewalk this Diwali

The film, conceptualised by JWT India, tells the story of an astronaut who is in a space capsule and wants to desperately go home to spend the festival with her family

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | October 24, 2014

Kit-Kat-TVC Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Kit Kat has come to the rescue of those who cannot be with their families during the festivities, with a beautiful video titled #MyDiwaliBreak. The film has been conceptualised by JWT India and tells a story through the eyes of an astronaut, who is in a space capsule and longing to go home and spend the festival night with her family.

The story unfolds with an emotional song reflecting her thoughts of being far away from home and how she is anxious and really missing everyone back home. In the middle of a hectic and monotonous routine, when she decides to a take a break with Kit Kat she ends up seeing her home country India sparking with a billion lights on Diwali night, a dazzling spectacle which seems like the whole country is wishing her a ‘Happy Diwali’.

Senthil Kumar Senthil Kumar

Narrating the sentiment behind the film, Senthil Kumar, NCD, JWT India, said, “This Diwali, Kit Kat sends an Indian rocket to outer space, to touch the heart of every Indian, no matter where he or she is, during Diwali. Diwali was the right time to play the emotional chord of a young, home-sick Indian astronaut, posted in a floating space-craft for more than 300 days, longing for her motherland. She has a unique experience during the Kit Kat break, that makes her cry with tears of joy, when her entire country of a billion people is wishing her with a billion lights on Diwali night, that is the heart of the story.”

"Kit Kat is an iconic brand and is the stuff all great breaks are made of. The client wanted us to come up with digital content relevant to these festive times. We had begun with thinking of someone who really needs a break during Diwali. That's how the astronaut idea came up. And she takes an 'out-of-the-world' break with Kit Kat, enjoying a lit-up India from space,” said Saurabh Saksena, Senior VP and Executive Business Director, JWT Delhi.

“The journey has been fantastic. This film is the story of a fantastic collaboration with tight timelines staring at us. It was wonderful working with E Suresh of Eeksaurus Films, Swanand Kirkire (Lyricist), Samiruddin (Music Director) and Jasleen Royal (the talented 15-year-old singer). The result has been magical," he added.

#MyDiwaliBreak is already buzzing in the social media space. It has clocked 472,571 views on YouTube and garnered over 80,000 likes and 15, 000 shares on Facebook.

The TVC:



Agency: JWT India

National Creative Director: Senthil Kumar

Account Management: Saurabh Saksena, Rohit Sharma, Siddhartha Ghose

Production House: Eeksaurus Studio

Director: Suresh Eriyat

Lyricist: Swanand Kirkire

Music Director: Samiruddin

Vocals: Jasleen Royal

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