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MTV launches ‘Campus Diaries’

A college connect programme, ‘B’lue MTV Campus Diaries’ will be live 365 days, across 200+ campuses, through monthly engagements, vignettes on TV and presence on digital

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | September 11, 2014


MTV, along with B’lue, a unique restoration drink launched in India by Danone Narang beverages, is all set to uncover stories from every campus across the country with ‘B’lue MTV Campus Diaries’. Last year, MTV had launched a massive college connect program to dig into what makes college life fun and partner with youngsters to turn their campus stories into legends.

‘B’lue MTV Campus Diaries’ will be live 365 days, across 200+ campuses, through monthly engagements, vignettes on TV, microsite and presence on Facebook that feeds in continuous chatter about college news and gossip.

With the new academic year kicking in, MTV has unleashed a series of fun engagements across cities and colleges, including dance-mobs, fresher’s parties, college face-offs, celeb-diaries and much more. Under this programme, a fun dance-mob-face-off was launched across the country. Over 50 colleges took part in the challenge and youngsters took to the street to show off their best dance-mob moves.

With the closure of admissions, MTV kicked in more excitement through fun fresher’s parties. But, colleges had to earn their own MTV fresher’s bash. Students needed to be creative and share their idea of coolest fresher’s bash to impress MTV. And, MTV did get impressed with four colleges across four cites and, together with B’lue, hosted the craziest fresher’s bash for the winning colleges across Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata and Ahmedabad. These parties were covered on TV as well as digital.

Sumeli Chatterjee Sumeli Chatterjee

Sumeli Chatterjee, Head – Marketing, Media and Insights, MTV India, said, “One might feel young and attend re-unions, but it is way different to be in college as a student. Campus life is buzzing with action, it is perhaps the most defining years for anyone young. ‘B’lue MTV Campus Diaries’ celebrates this campus spirit and college pride. College life is much more than just fests. The fun lies in the day-to-day activities – classes, bunking, friendships, professors, college canteen, college romance, competition, college rituals and more. ‘Campus Diaries’ mirrors the college life and happenings.”

‘B’lue MTV Campus Diaries’ will soon be announcing its associations with all the major college fests across the country. MTV is also allowing youngsters to blog about their campus life on MTV’s official website created for this initiative. Students are also encouraged to upload images from their colleges on to the website and through MTV’s Facebook page. MTV has also created videos of celebrities remembering their own campus lives. Going forward, the channel plans to launch a hunt for finding unique talents on campuses.

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