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Philips plans big marketing push for male grooming portfolio; ropes in Arjun Kapoor

Along with a new TVC conceptualised by O&M which will be released on July 10, there are a host of other marketing strategies lined up that includes stronger online presence and ambient media

Sarmistha Neogy | Mumbai | July 8, 2014


Who says sporting a stubble look is ‘ugly’ and ‘dirty’? Today’s youth considers it as ‘cool’. Keeping this in mind, Philips India has roped in Arjun Kapoor, the stylish Bollywood actor, as the brand ambassador for the company’s Male Grooming range. A new television campaign conceptualised and created by Ogilvy and Mather will be released on July 10, featuring the Bollywood actor and the newest addition to the Philips family – Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer QT4011.

According to the findings of a recent Philips research survey done by GFK Research Agency, it is revealed that 91 per cent women dislike men with hard facial hair, while 54 per cent women find men with styled facial hair more attractive. So, no longer does a thick carpet of body hair attract women or is considered as the epitome of masculinity.

Anurita Chopra, Director Marketing, Personal Care, Philips India, said, “The primary target group for the QT4011 trimmer is youth in the age bracket of 18 to 22 years, but from the business perspective it is anyone between 14 to 30 years. Philips in its constant endeavour to stay young and connected to the youth keeps on innovating and adding an array of products to the male grooming portfolio. The main two concerns for men today are that, one, they want to keep their facial hair in a way so that it looks trendy and fashionable. Secondly, they hate the hard facial cuts which one gets as a result of shaving. Therefore, one can easily avert these problems with the new trimmer from Philips.”

“The size of the male grooming market including regular shaving in India is around 300 million Euros. If we sharply look at electrical grooming  which includes shaving and trimming, then we estimate it to be around 35+ million Euros, and this is the segment which is actually growing at a very fast pace today,” added Chopra.

According to the GFK study, the Philips Male Grooming division, which is only four years old, has seen 70 per cent CAGR in the last three years. This industry accounts for 25 per cent of the Philips Consumer Lifestyle business, which comprises consumer electronics and small appliances. Philips also has a product in the trimmer range named ‘BT3200’ for the lower tier group which the company said is doing exceptionally well. The product, which is priced at Rs 1,095, enjoys good penetration in these tiers.

Commenting on the marketing strategy, Chopra said, “Other than the TVC, which will hit TV screens soon, we are also following a very aggressive marketing plan with the youth as the main target audience. Through the TVC, our aim is to build aspirations, and through ambient media we want to create impact. We also have a very active online community and will soon be doing various activities to engage the youth, like we have always done. One such activity this time is where we will be creating an online community, which will involve going to colleges and choosing style icons. These icons will have a voice of their own, and will engage and further grow the community. We believe that there should be reason for people to come and stay connected with us.”

ADA Ratnam, President, Consumer Lifestyle, Philips India, said, “Men’s grooming products are a key focus area of growth for Philips Consumer Lifestyle division. Personal Care, specifically the male grooming portfolio, has been the fastest growing category for Philips in India. Arjun personifies everything that Philips Male Grooming stands for – youth, style and confidence. Who better than him to endorse the male grooming product range that is designed to give the youth the power to be style icons in themselves.”

Talking about his association with Philips, Arjun Kapoor said, “I’ve always believed that the way you look says a lot about you and is essential to building a confident personality. Philips Male Grooming products are the perfect tools for styling. I am privileged to be representing the brand and the product range that I personally believe in.”


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