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Xylys inspires people to create the 25th hour

The campaign ‘Stay Inspired’, created by Famous Innovations, motivates people to take time out of their busy schedule to chase their dreams, which is referred as the 25th hour

Sarmistha Neogy | Mumbai | June 4, 2014

Xylys-TVC Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Considering the fast pace at which our lives move today, saddled with work load and tension, how many of us have had the time to pursue our dreams? Xylys, the Swiss made watches by Titan, has launched a new campaign, ‘Stay Inspired’, conceptualised by Famous Innovations. It tells us that it is passion which counts; that those who know the secret to live life to the fullest are the ones who have cracked the code to happiness.

The brand has roped in actor Farhan Akhtar for the television commercial, who inspires the impatient yet passionate youth of today and exhorts them to ‘Stay Inspired’.

The time which they spend in running after their dreams in the middle of their extremely busy life is the 25th hour. The campaign is running across television, digital and print mediums. The 35-second TVC which features Farhan, motivates viewers and makes them realise that they might be in office from morning 9 to evening 5, but how about utilising the time before office? This time can be used to pursue one’s own dreams and it is the sure shot mantra to happiness. The extra time between dreaming and creating is the 25th hour!

Raj Kamble Raj Kamble

Commenting on the brief, Raj Kamble, Chief Creative Officer, Famous Innovations, said, “Today, we live our lives by the clock. Our idea tries to tell people to stop looking at their watch all the time and get truly immersed in their passion. It could be your new venture that you have been nursing for years or the book you are trying to truly craft. Sure, there are only 24 hours in a day. But the truth is, when you truly love something, you will find your 25th hour to make the time for it. Because it’s the 25th hour that will truly set you apart.”

Rajan Amba Rajan Amba

Rajan Amba, Global Marketing & Product Head, Titan Company, said, “Xylys exemplifies the legendary finesse of Swiss watch-making and the brand mirrors the zeal to create perfection. Today is the time for entrepreneurship in India. We wanted to capture the entrepreneur's mind – he who is always inspired and always makes time to follow his passion. We asked ourselves, what is the energy that keeps him ticking? That's where this idea was born. Stay Inspired is a big idea and connects the emotions of the brand with those of the TG perfectly. Xylys, as an entry-level premium Swiss watch, is the perfect everyday companion for the '25th hour' guy as he pursues his dreams. It's that little daily dose of inspiration that helps him Stay Inspired.”

Farhan Akhtar Farhan Akhtar

Farhan Akhtar himself said, “I think the 25th hour is already there in the 24 hours that we have. If you are pursuing that ambition which you feel that was really eating you up inside, it gives you a certain degree of satisfaction when you do things which you enjoy. And I think, if you have the 25th hour, you’ll always have time to do that.”

The TVC:



Agency: Famous Innovations

Creative team: Raj Kamble, Priti Kapur, Hayden Scott, Tushar Waghmare

Artist featured: Farhan Akhtar

Director: Bharat Sikka

Production House: Flying Pigs

Media Planning: Maxus

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