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Tata Safari shows the trail

The new crowdsourced video campaign created by Culture Machine focuses on the adventure loving Tata Safari users and is an extension of the earlier '#SafariTrails - The Unforgettable Milestones'

Sohini Sen | Mumbai | June 18, 2014

SafariTrails Click on the image to watch the Video.

A new age vehicle which tries to target the youth must also embody the spirit of the youth. That seems to be the idea behind Tata Motors' new campaign ‘Safari Trails’.

Created by Culture Machine, the digital campaign focuses on the joys of adventure taken in a Tata Safari. The present campaign is an extension of the earlier '#SafariTrails - The Unforgettable Milestones'.

The Tata Safari is the kind of car one takes if one has to go off-roading or an adventurous terrain ride. Keeping this in mind, the campaign tries to ignite a fiery character in its consumer.

The entire video is a crowdsourced campaign, with pictures being sent by adventure lovers and Safari drivers. Videos and tweets by followers have also been used to make it a more vibrant offering. A peppy background score, sung by Vasuda Sharma, Gaurav Dagaonkar and Sidd Coutto is matched perfectly by the images of breathtaking locations. The video is a way of saying it encompasses the spirit of the Safari user: 'it’s their song, their day, their way'. The ultimate purpose achieved through this video is a celebration of life through a myriad of travel experiences of Tata Safari fans that will earmark a new beginning in the era of digital video consumption.

“We wanted to give our audience the impetus to drive with SOUL – to join our very own league of extraordinary Safari owners – and discover new trails. That impetus is captured in our catchy TVC tune, ‘It's my day, it's my way’. Our brand of explorers charts their own course in their own inimitable way, every day. So we asked our fans to share their travel stories and turned it into a full-blown music video set to our TVC tune to show them that they can too! It's a real testament to the Safari spirit of adventure and we can't wait to see what our fans think. Personally, I think they'll love it,” said Delna Avari, Head-Marketing at Tata Motors (PVBU).

“With every iota of creativity these days being pooled into digital platforms, it is no surprise that brands are looking at holistic digital video campaigns to center their digital strategy around creating engaging experiences for clients. Keeping this in mind, Tata Safari has partnered with Culture Machine on this video,” explained Siddharth Narula, President, Revenue, Culture Machine.

The crowd-sourced campaign has already received over 70 million impressions. With 55,000 mentions by 22,000 Safari trailblazers, the campaign was surely meant to go big. It led to an increase of 350 followers on Twitter as well.

The Video:



Client: Tata Safari

Digital Agency: Culture Machine

President (Revenue): Siddharth Narula

DigitasLBI:  Parul Soni, Nishant Angre, Abhinav Galate, Kunjal Kaw.

Creative Director: George Kovoor

Creative Supervisor: Russell Lopez

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