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Sanjeev Kotlana calls it a day at Dainik Bhaskar; turns entrepreneur

His new venture, P1P2Solutions, will aim to solve prioritised problems for brands with the help of internal teams

Sohini Sen | Mumbai | June 9, 2014

Sanjee_KotnalaSanjeev Kotnala, VP and National Head, Marcom at the Dainik Bhaskar Group, has just moved on to start his own entrepreneurial venture - P1P2Solutions. Kotnala was with the Dainik Bhaskar Group for the last 10 years.

Kotlana said, “The journey at Dainik Bhaskar Group has been phenomenal. It’s so dynamic that you gain a lot just being there with the flow. There is always an entrepreneurial element in the manner in which problems/solutions are approached and projects executed. This constant exposure to such entrepreneurial thinking finally woke up the sleeping entrepreneur in me. This is coupled with the fact that I really thrived during the advertising days working through a multitude of brands. I am a person who needs many more expressions creatively and I suppose that somewhere that part of me must have felt undernourished. Hence, I am really giving myself this chance to do many a thing that I really want to.”

The aim of P1P2 Solutions is to resolve priority 1 and 2 after which balance will be sorted. This, according to Kotnala, will help people to automatically get away from fire-fighting when faced with critical topical problems.

P1P2-Solutions-Logo“P1P2Solutions is a simple concept. It understands and appreciates that the organisation and individuals are in the best position to know their problems. But when they do articulate them, they tend to state the macro part of it. They are emotionally, professionally so near the subject that micro differentiating and breaking it or even prioritising becomes a game of conflict. P1P2Solutions will help them to identify and prioritise the problem,” Kotnala explained.

P1P2Solution will work with internal teams to find answers to problems. They will conduct workshops and discussions to arrive at relevant solutions. The venture aims to have tie-ups with organisations to provide services like financial analysis, HR, Creative, Digital, Activation and Research. It is already in talks with some brands though nothing definite can be announced so far on the front, Kotnala said.

“I believe that there is enough business with potential in Metros and more so in Un-metro areas that need this service. As the management and teams are fire-fighting, they use the most obvious and easy way to implement solutions. As a result, they are missing out on the most efficient and relevant solutions. This also includes marketing being outsourced,” Kotlana emphasised.


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