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Cadbury Dairy Milk shows how to find joy and live from the heart

The TVC titled ‘Joy in Snow’ has been conceptualised by O&M to find the ‘real us’ – the side which is buried for others but alive deep in our hearts

Sarmistha Neogy | Mumbai | June 30, 2014

Cadbury-Dairy-Milk Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Cadbury Dairy Milk has rolled out a new TVC named ‘Joy in Snow’ to illustrate how a little push in the right direction can open one’s life to pure joy. The campaign has been conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather, whose brief was to make consumers aware of the fact that life lies in now, that true joy resides in the act of letting go, and one should enjoy life as if no one’s watching. It thus makes an attempt to urge the consumer to live from the heart, and understand what it feels like being in your true self.

Over the years, the brand and the consumer have both grown and evolved. Their relationship with each other has grown to a new level – in terms of fondness and intimacy. It is around such times that the brand can start talking beyond its functional, social or culturally contextualised role. Cadbury Dairy Milk has reached such a stage in its lifecycle with respect to the Indian audience, that it can be more nuanced in its communication and afford to get more personal with its audience.

The 60-second TVC starts with showing a couple in a beautiful snowy location. Despite its breathtaking beauty, the husband is more absorbed with his phone and is busy answering emails. His wife, on the other hand, has still kept her childlike inner self alive, and thus decides to provoke a snow fight with her man. The result of this fight is nothing but pure joy. It shows that sometimes in our life, we need a little push to understand the ‘real us’ – the side which is buried for others, but alive deep in our hearts.

Abhijit Avasthi Abhijit Avasthi

Abhijit Avasthi, National Creative Director, Ogilvy India, said, “We have made an attempt to inspire people to live from the heart and to bring out the philosophy of true happiness. Sometimes in our lives we get so busy that we stop appreciating the little things and derive pleasure out of superficial belongings. But it is only after understanding the value of these small joys that we derive real happiness.”

In future, the brand aspires to be associated with ‘Joy’ in terms of philosophy as well as a product deliverable. Every move the brand makes will make movements in this direction. The good thing about this approach is that the brand already stands for the values it has chosen to propagate.

A 360-degree marketing plan is in line for the promotion of this theme.

The TVC:



Client: Cadbury Dairy Milk

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Mumbai

National Creative Director: Abhijit Awasthi

Copywriters: Abhijit Awasthi, Manoj Shetty

Servicing: Sonali Sehgal

Production House: Curious Films

Director: Vivek Kakkad

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