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Love pizza? Go online with Dominos OLO

The three-part TV ad campaign has been conceptualised by Contract along with Eeksaurus, and the series blends together the life stories of friends, spouses and siblings

BestMediaInfoBureau | Mumbai | May 19, 2014

Dominos-OLO-TVC Click on the image to watch the TVC.

The latest ad campaign from the fastest growing quick service restaurant (QSR), Dominos India, highlights the ease of online ordering. Three films have been released as part of the first televised ad campaign for Dominos online order platform. The campaign created through the joint efforts of Eeksaurus and Contract Advertising, blends together the life stories of friends, spouses and siblings. The concept of combining animation and live action in these films has been a unique effort and one of its first kind in the category.

The brief given by the client was to create an emotional connect around the brand along with showcasing the functional ease and convenience of ordering online.

Mayur Hola Mayur Hola

Mayur Hola, Executive Creative Director, Contract Advertising, said, “We created ‘OLO’ to stand for online delivery so as to make it fit into the common parlance terms as well as add an aspect of social currency.” Thus the concept of OLO is a perfect blend into Dominos long standing slogan of ‘Yeh Hai Rishton ka Time’, encouraging people of all age groups to bond over food.

The campaign highlights that placing an order over the Dominos online platform not only adds to the promise of ‘30 minutes or free’ but also helps the consumer to further experience the creating of their favourite product through a step-by-step process.

The ‘Fukrey Wala OLO’ TVC shows two boys using their friend’s credit card to order Dominos pizza online without his knowledge. The ‘Married Wala OLO’ shows a husband ordering his wife’s favourite food items from Dominos online. The ‘Surprise Wala OLO’ TVC showcases how a brother is frustrated with the food in his hostel and how badly he misses home. His sister then orders online pizzas from Dominos to be delivered to his brother’s hostel. Thus, Dominos which has always been about celebrating relationships, portrays the different aspects of personal relationships through these flms.

Hola added, “Online delivery is usually conceived to be missing the personal touch. Through this campaign we have tried to maintain the balance between the emotional and functional aspect of the brand. We wanted to showcase that every relationship signifies a different type of OLO, hence you will get to see a ‘Married wala OLO’, ‘Surprise wala OLO’ or a ‘Fukrey wala OLO.’”

Harneet Singh Rajpal, Vice-President, Marketing, Dominos, said, “Dominos was the first fast food service to launch an ecommerce platform in India. Launched three years back, 20 per cent of our delivery revenue comes from our online service. With the rise of internet usage in India, consumers are getting savvier with online delivery. Furthermore, the use of smart phones has made online delivery more accessible and time saving. After active digital advertising for online platform, we next wanted to explore traditional forms of media as well to take the Online Ordering service to masses. Eeksaurus has helped us share a fresh perspective on online delivery through detailing the process.”

Pooja Malhotra, Senior VP, Contract, said, “Through the brief given to us, we wanted to assimilate life stories of friends and family so as to create an emotional connect around the brand along with showcasing the functional ease and convenience of ordering online. The concept of combining animation and live action in the films has been a unique effort towards this endeavour and one of its first kinds in the category. Dominos has always been about celebrating relationships and hence aspects of personal relationships are portrayed through this campaign.”

Speaking on the creation of the campaign, Suresh Eriyat, Founder & Director at Eeksaurus, said, “When Contract came to us with this script, they told us that they would like to add detail to the whole process of OLO. In the current market online delivery is commonly highlighted through underlining the name of the website at the end of the shot, hence we chose to blend in with the story line to end with a lip smacking finish. With Dominos already being a beautiful product, live action helped us to accentuate its ‘yumminess’ that appeals to people across different age groups.”

The TVCs:




Creative Agency: Contract India

Executive Creative Director: Mayur Hola

Senior VP: Pooja Malhotra

Production House: Eeksaurus

Director: Suresh Eriyat

Producer: Nilima Eriyat

Executive Producer: Mehernosh Dastoor

DOP: Jai Oza

Music Director: Jolly Jose


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