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Discovery Channel finds the superhumans

‘Superhuman Challenge’ meets real life superhumans starting May 5, Monday to Friday, at 11 PM

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | May 1, 2014


This May Discovery Channel brings an exciting new series of ‘Superhuman Challenge’, which will take viewers on a global quest to track down and investigate individuals with unusual and extraordinary abilities. The 10-part series premieres on May 5 and will be telecast Monday to Friday at 11 PM.

Prepare to be amazed as Tim Fitzigham takes viewers on a global mission to find if superhumans really do exist or not. Once he tracks down an individual claiming to be superhuman, he goes head to head with them and challenges them to three unbelievable super tests, following rigorous testing in a high-tech lab, real, medical science and Tim Fitzhigham’s very own expert mission doctor as he prepares for his challenges.

In the episodes of Superhuman Challenge, presenter Tim Fitzhigham searches the world for people with real life super powers and with the aid of the Mission Doctor, Dr Megan John, pits himself against them to find out just how super they really are.

These people didn’t get their superpowers from a radiation experiment gone horribly wrong as shown in movies but are born with rare genetic mutations that allow them to do things which shouldn’t be possible. These are the real people with superpowers.

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