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Anushka goes sleeveless again for Nivea Whitening Deo

Nivea launches a new campaign, conceptualised by Interface Communications, urging girls to use the brand’s alcohol-free Whitening Sensitive Deo

Sohini Sen | Mumbai | May 5, 2014

Nivea-TVC Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Nivea’s Whitening Sensitive Deodorant has launched a new TVC, following its ‘Go Sleeveless’ campaign featuring Anushka Sharma from July last year. Conceptualised by Interface Communications, the campaign plays on the desire for girls to wear sleeveless clothes, especially in summers.

The plus point of Nivea’s new deodorant is that it is completely alcohol-free and therefore leaves the underarms feeling fresh, without discolouring it. It also has licorice extract which makes the skin toned.

Rakshit Hargave, Managing Director of Nivea India, said, “Nivea has always been a pioneer in innovation in female deodorants. We focus on addressing real issues and making lives simpler for our consumers. Our products are designed to make women confident and comfortable in their skin.”

The TVC opens with brand ambassador Anushka Sharma talking to herself. She speaks out her mind and says that she wants to ‘go sleeveless’ when she is relaxing, celebrating, dancing or even shopping. It goes on to then point out why other deodorants make the skin darker and how Nivea’s Whitening Sensitive Deo will make it look beautiful so that you can actually have the confidence to always go sleeveless.

The campaign is a departure from its earlier campaign showing Anushka going sleeveless to entice her man. The latest campaign is more about her and is a welcome fit for the hot summer months.

Rakesh Menon, Director of Interface Communications, said, “The creative idea came from the consumer belief that alcohol-based deodorants can damage underarm skin. By marrying this insight with the brand’s already-established ‘Go Sleeveless’ platform, we simply wanted to encourage women to go sleeveless by using a non-alcoholic deodorant instead.”

Anushka Sharma said, “I have been using Nivea products for as long as I can remember. Their products have always given me a sense of comfort. They are gentle and care for the skin. Nivea Whitening Sensitive deodorant with 0% alcohol gives me freedom and the confidence to go sleeveless.”

The TVC:



Client: Nivea India

Creative agency: Interface Communications

National Creative Director: Robby Mathew

Production House: 7 Films

Director: Lloyd Baptista

Producer: Ravneet Mahajan

Music Director: Hanif Shaikh


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