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TechGig launches coding contest Code Gladiators

The coding competition among companies will reward the best coding talent in the business

BestMediaInfo Bureau | | Delhi | April 7, 2014


Known for creating the largest community of techies in India, TechGig has taken the next logical step of getting corporates involved in the community a big way. Code Gladiators is going to see the best talent ig from IT companies battle it out.

This online event takes in April and May in an online format – leading up to the live finals, which will be held in Delhi in June between the top 40 coders from across the country.

TechGig has been a pioneer in conducting technology related contests for internal employees, company-sponsored contests for talent engagement and various employer-branding activities. is launched by Times Business Solutions Limited (TBSL) which is the ‘life interactive’ arm of The Times of India Group. TBSL believes in the power of internet and seeks to harness the impact that internet can create through providing global internet users innovative platforms for support and assistance in every aspect of their lives.

Code Gladiators combines all these activities and takes the scale to an entirely different level – one where employees from companies will be involved at the same time. This innovative format will start with internal contests to identify the best coders in companies, then give coders a chance to compete against the best coders from other companies, and give companies the opportunity to prove that they have the best coding talent and the best ecosystem to nurture and encourage coding talent – the best place to work.

TechGig  Business Head, Avnish Anand, explained, “The scale of this contest gives us an unparalleled opportunity to provide industry insights by creating detailed analyses of how coding ability varies across demography and present a host of benchmark reports including geographic, academic, institutional and corporate benchmarks. Such a study has not been undertaken before due to lack of scale and data.”

“While traditionally organisations have been wary of such competitions fearing that their best people might be ‘exposed’ – we are surprised to find that more progressive organisations have responded and 37 companies have already signed up, even before the official launch,” added Anand.

Registrations are open to companies who can register for the event and use internal coding contests to identify their top coders. A company can enter upto eight coders for the inter-company battle.

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