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Parle brings in Tom & Jerry for its ‘Milk Shakti Milky Sandwich’

Conceptualised by Everest Brand Solutions, the fun TVC uses the popular cartoon characters to target children and their parents at the same time

Sarmistha Neogy | Mumbai | April 22, 2014

parle-TVC Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Parle Products has launched a new television campaign for its ‘Milk Shakti Milky Sandwich’, its latest offering in the cream biscuit category. The campaign, conceptualised by Everest Brand Solutions, is fun to watch as it captures the friendship and the mischievous pranks of the two iconic cartoon characters – Tom & Jerry – in a short story format which appeals to audiences across all ages.

Mayank Shah, Group Product Manager, Parle Products, said, “The product and the TVC revolve around the popularity of Tom & Jerry to connect better with kids and their parents as well. Parents are usually wary of cream biscuits but Milk Shakti Milky Sandwich is one that is coupled with the nutritional goodness of milk and wheat, a perfect combination of fun and health. The ad perfectly embraces the camaraderie of the characters while highlighting the key attributes of the biscuit. The TVC’s appeal spreads across all target markets.” Through this campaign, Parle has aims to engaging consumers and also convey the nutritional aspect of the biscuit to the audience. Dhunji Wadia, President, Everest Brand Solutions, said, “Targeting children and parents at the same time was not a difficult task because of the main constituent of this biscuit-milk. Kids will love them and parents will be happy to give these biscuits to their children. Also, most parents have grown up watching Tom & Jerry during their childhood, so the Parle Milk Shakti Milky Sandwich biscuits will invoke nostalgia and fond memories in most adults.”

The film starts with the Tom & Jerry duo donned in white chef hats inside a kitchen. Tom is seen baking cookies and whipping the milk cream, while Jerry runs away with the mixture to tease and irritate the cat. Thanks to the fine reflexes of Tom, just as Jerry manages to drop the cream from a height, he catches it right in between the freshly baked cookies. This is how we see the delicious Parle Milk Shakti Milky Sandwich being made.

A child then enters the kitchen and is excited to see his favourite cartoon characters; he greets them with a high five and devours the biscuit which his friends have made. The ad ends with a voiceover saying: ‘Enjoy the Tom & Jerry edition of Parle Milk Shakti Milky Sandwich.’ Parle Milk Shakti Milky Sandwich is available in a 60gm pack at Rs 10 and a 120gm pack at Rs 20.

The TVC:


Credits: Creative Agency: Everest Brand Solutions Creative Team: Rahul Jauhari (National Creative Director), Samir Chonkar (Executive Creative Director) Account Management: Umesh Barve, Jay Thaker Film Director: Parikshit Vaidya Production House: Turner Entertainment & Chasing Butterflies


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