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KFC takes the battle to McDonald’s with a loud WOW!

The new TVC for KFC’s Rs 25 menu has been conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather, Guragaon, and clearly brings out the proposition of ‘25 Me Khao, Khake Bolo WOW!’

KFC takes the battle to McDonald’s with a loud WOW!

The new TVC for KFC’s Rs 25 menu has been conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather, Guragaon, and clearly brings out the proposition of ‘25 Me Khao, Khake Bolo WOW!’

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | April 1, 2013

In the fiercely competitive fast food market where brands are pulling out all stops for a bigger bite, KFC has recently rolled out a television commercial to promote its latest offering, the WOW Menu. This is a price point gambit that makes it affordable for consumers to experience the great taste of KFC across a range of veg and non-veg products, beverages and desserts. The commercial has been conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather, Gurgaon.

While the big daddy of the burger market, McDonald’s, is well poised in terms of appeal to a majority of Indian consumers 40 per cent of whom are vegetarian, KFC caters to a more restricted market as it is still seen as a chicken only restaurant. Post the launch of the Happy Prize Menu by McDonald’s starting at Rs 25, KFC decided to fight for this market segment by launching products starting as low as Rs 25, an unprecedented variety at Rs 35 and meal combos at Rs 49-69.

The ad film launched for the new WOW menu by KFC is aimed at wow-ing consumers with its price point. The film opens with three youngsters standing outside a KFC store, drooling over the food that people inside are enjoying. The youngsters are shown discussing how they wished they had more money so that they could enjoy a KFC meal and beverages every day. Their prayers are answered in a visually spectacular fashion – by the new WOW menu range starting at Rs 25. The next shot shows all three of them sitting inside the KFC restaurant and enjoying the new WOW products. It ends with the message: ‘25 mein khao, kha ke bolo WOW!’

Tarun Lal, General Manager, KFC India and Area Countries, said, “This menu combines two of our promises – great taste and an unmatched value proposition. Our new value launch, KFC WOW promises to offer consumers great tasting food and beverages at WOW prices starting as low as Rs 25. This menu comprises a wide range of Veg and non-Veg products including some new offerings like Potato Krisper, our first potato-based burger; Krusher Lime Soda, an all-time favourite thirst quencher, and the crunchy and juicy Chicken Shotz amongst other products. Within a few days of its launch, we’ve received a very encouraging response from customers.”

To tell the world about this proposition, the brand has launched a robust marketing campaign including outdoor, radio, digital activation and in-store collaterals. Another first from the brand is the innovative web and mobile application that uses augmented reality and attractive 3D animation via webcams/mobile phone cameras. The application scans rupee notes and shows animated choices of meals or products that one can purchase at KFC.

Lal said, “This is one of our biggest campaigns till date with a 360-degree marketing plan to support the launch – including TV, outdoor, radio, digital activation and in-store collaterals. The ad campaign has been conceptualised keeping in mind the Indian youth especially teenagers. Its theme of ‘25 Me Khao, Kha ke Bolo WOW!’ resonates well with our value proposition. To bring it alive for our consumers, the ad film will also be aired during the biggest cricketing event in the subcontinent, IPL. We are undertaking an outdoor campaign in more than 25 cities and have launched an innovative web and mobile application that uses augmented reality. The app projects the menu on the currency note shown in front of the webcam/mobile camera in order to engage with our consumers online.”

Ajay Gahlaut, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather, Gurgaon, elaborating on the concept behind the TVC, said, “KFC is entering new territory with its value launch, as its taste has always been thought of as the best, and therefore expensive. This communication did just that and summed it up with a line that could become a catch-phrase for the young – ‘25 mein khao, khake bolo wow!’ KFC is known for its taste with its tagline ‘It’s Finger Licking Good!’ I feel the concept of the brand has a relative insight as the target audience which are teenagers and young adults survive on pocket money which runs out quickly. So we kept the premise of the commercial very clear – that it costs only Rs 25. The task wasn’t just to communicate the low-price menu, but also retain the great taste factor.”

Will the communication and marketing strategy work? Ashish Kharwatkar, Creative Director, DDB Mudra, said, "As a competitor to McDonald's in the fast food category, I would say it was only a matter of time before KFC announced a Rs 25 menu. But I think this value-for-money menu will find abundant (hungry) takers. Firstly, because of the audience they are targeting – cash-strapped teenagers. Secondly, though KFC is a competitor to McDonald’s, both of them have distinct menus. While McDonald’s is known for its burgers, KFC is the place for Fried Chicken. So, while their target audiences and now price tags are the same, their distinct menus and taste experiences will see both do well. When it comes to restaurants that offer affordable price menus, the more the merrier!”

Kharwatkar further said about the concept of the campaign, "Though it isn't a new insight or target audience at the price they are offering, the KFC consumer-connect is very clear. While McDonalds appealed to a variety of audiences with its communication, KFC has focused clearly on college-going teenagers – the ones who are usually low on cash, mostly living off pocket money and always up for a KFC meal. I think the difference is that while McDonald’s always focuses on the menu and price they offer, KFC seems to have chosen to focus on the TG and their needs. What remains to be seen is whether they continue to focus on the same target groups in their future communication or delve into other audiences. Overall I would rate the TVC a 6.5/10 for clarity in communication, appetising food shots and focus on target groups."

The TVC:



Client: Yum Restaurant Marketing Pvt Ltd

Brand: KFC

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Gurgaon Executive Creative Director: Ajay Gahlaut

Creative Team: Ranjan Nautiyal, Shailender Mahahan

Account Management: Aniruddha Deb, Debarati Paul, Aditi Sobti

Production House: Story Tellers Director: Arun Gopalan

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