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Women complain that ‘it does not last long enough’!

A cheeky viral campaign conceptualised by digital agency FoxyMoron on social media and an on-ground activity executed by Vibgyor marked the India launch of Maybelline

Women complain that ‘it does not last long enough’!

A cheeky viral campaign conceptualised by digital agency FoxyMoron on social media and an on-ground activity executed by Vibgyor marked the India launch of Maybelline New York’s SuperStay lipstick

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | February 19, 2013

To create a buzz around the issues faced by most women due to the lack of long-lasting products, Maybelline New York and digital and social media agency FoxyMoron activated a viral campaign for the launch of Maybelline New York’s SuperStay lipstick in India.

The unconventional launch began with an in-depth understanding of how women in closed groups have always complained about the things in life that ‘don’t last long enough’. Responses to those that ‘Don’t last long enough’ ranged from weekends, relationships, food, etc. Eventually, the campaign proceeded with a hashtag on Twitter #doesntlastlongenough that created a buzz amongst Maybelline New York fans where they shared their deepest thoughts for what they wished ‘Lasts as long as she does.’

The result was a high amount of cheeky content created by women across the country. ‘I have to do it again and again because #ItDoesntLastLongEnough’ said one of Maybelline’s followers on Twitter. ‘I do at work because #ItDoesntLastLongEnough’ was something shared by one of MNY’s fans on Facebook. This double play on the complaints about women’s makeup and other aspects of their life led to a high amount of interest.

This leg of the launch saw ‘It doesn’t last long enough’ as the hottest topic that trended #1 for 14+ hours in India and was discussed by Maybelline New York’s 1.7 million Facebook and 1500+ Twitter followers.

These conversations led to the creation of a ‘monument’ made out of social interaction. This lipstick that lasts for 14 hours (or as long as you do) was unveiled to consumers through a giant replica of the New York skyline which displayed every live tweet that contributed to the silhouette of the SuperStay lipstick created by merging online and offline mediums. The activation took place on February 8, 2013 and was executed by Vibgyor Brand Services. For 14 hours, Tweeple across the country were encouraged to tweet with #doesntlastlongenough to express their exasperation with things that finish too quickly. The revelation happened at Phoenix Mall in Mumbai where a 25-foot tall setup that recreated the iconic Times Square in New York was up to display all the tweets.

A huge digital screen with cheeky responses to the handle generated a lot of buzz as the idea was that more the tweets, the quicker the revelation of the product. The tweets displayed in the digital outdoor screen created a flutter among curious onlookers who were waiting expectantly to read tweets as they were displayed. Capturing poplar public sentiment was the ‘Vox Pop’ where people could share bytes of what doesn’t last long enough for them. These were broadcast on the huge digital screen to generate excitement among people at the mall.

Apart from just the brand running these conversations, there were also 80 bloggers who participated in the launch and were kept in the know about the campaign on social media and its subsequent reveal.

Commenting on the campaign strategy, Harshil Karia, Online Strategist, FoxyMoron, said, “What’s exciting about this campaign is the ability to create a ‘monument’ out of all the conversations that social media helps us generate. The idea was to create something as a solution out of complaints – and this does it beautifully.”

“For a young, spunky brand like Maybelline, talking to the young, spunky girl, we need to speak in a language that gets her attention among the million things vying for it. So, for the launch of Superstay – our 14-hour-long lasting lipstick – we decided to speak to her in a tongue-in-cheek manner. We drew upon the youth’s constant desire for ‘more’ – more of the good times, more friends, more fun, by making her talk about the things in life that ‘Do not last long enough.’ And the responses we got ranged from amusing to hilarious to philosophical to topical. The campaign spread across Facebook and Twitter generated a lot of curiosity and buzz, and a lot of interest in the brand when we finally revealed what it was that ‘lasted as long as you do’ – Maybelline SuperStay 14-hour lipstick,” said Leena Shoor, Marketing Manager, Maybelline New York India.

Dhruv Kalra, Business Head at Vibgyor, said, “The objective of achieving a larger than life reveal for Maybelline SuperStay and ensuring excitement and hype about the product worked very well with the setup we created. The huge LED at Phoenix Mall in Mumbai just could not be missed and showcased the range of tweets received during the 14 hours. The challenge of amplifying the digital campaign and making it the talk of the town was pulled off in style as people got more and more creative with their ideas at the mall and tweeted them instantly with their phones or one of the tablets.”

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