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ABP News’ Media Agency Opinion Poll: National results out

BJP emerges as preferred party to make government both at the Centre and in Delhi with Narendra Modi as the clear choice as next Prime Minister

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | December 2, 2013

ABP News has released the national results of its recently concluded B2B Media Agency Opinion Poll held across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata. The national result is the average of the outcome of opinion polls conducted in 28 media agencies from November 7 to November 22, 2013 on how the 2014 General Election may pan out according to media agency professionals.

The activation aimed to reach out to the trade fraternity to convey the highest brand recall of ABP News’ flagship election programming, ‘Kaun Banega Mukhyamantri’.

Kaun Banega Mukhyamantri or KBM was launched in 2005 when every channel stayed with reporting election news. The channel’s foresight and innovativeness reached out to million voices across constituencies and thus created history. Since then, KBM has been the No.1 programme among the entire election related programmes on TV channels.

According to TAM, during an opinion poll in the recent 2013 Gujarat elections, ABP News led in market share with 24 per cent. Exit poll and results day were no different, with ABP News leading the market share with 23 per cent and 24 per cent, respectively. The recall value of the show far exceeds other election based properties such as ‘Aap Ki Sarkar’, ‘Mera Voter, Meri Sarkar’ and ‘Chunavi Matlab, Chunavi Gustakhi, Vote Ki Jung’.

The format being the same for all agencies, the ABP News team went to 28 media agency offices and distributed questionnaires to the employees. The questionnaires had five set questions – their choice of the future prime minister, their choice of the ruling party, their choice of the popular leader, their choice of government in Delhi and their choice of the main agenda for the 2014 polls.

According to the national average of the outcome of the Agency Opinion Poll, BJP emerged as the preferred party to form next government at the centre with majority of 65 per cent people voting for it. Only 14 per cent of the respondents wanted Congress led government to return while 21 per cent voted for others.

On the question of preferred candidate for Prime Minister, Narendra Modi emerged as the near unanimous choice across the agencies with 78 per cent votes as only 12 per cent respondents voted for Rahul Gandhi for the top job.

In the Delhi Assembly Elections too, BJP may form government with 52 per cent respondents voting for it. 30 per cent people wanted Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi while only 18 per cent wanted Congress to return to power.

Half of the respondents supported Arvind Kejriwal as next Chief Minister of Delhi followed by 27 per cent votes to Dr. Harshvardhan and 23 per cent votes to Sheila Dikshit.

Among the issues for the elections being held and upcoming General Elections in May 2014, corruption and inflation emerged as the main issues with 42 per cent and 40 per cent votes respectively. Law and order was an issue for 14 per cent respondents.

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