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Mindshare study reveals future of Indian entertainment

The report, ‘Culture Vulture, Entertainment – inspiring original thinking through a deeper understanding of cultural trends’, has been released this week to coincide with the 90th anniversary of Walt Disney Company

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | October 17, 2013

The future of entertainment will follow ten cultural trends, according to a report by Mindshare. The report, ‘Culture Vulture, Entertainment – inspiring original thinking through a deeper understanding of cultural trends’, released this week to coincide with the 90th anniversary of Walt Disney Company, details the ten cultural drivers of change within the entertainment industry.

The report includes a scout report from Mumbai, detailing its addiction to Electronic Dance Music (EDM). From the numerous dance events popping up all over the city, such as the Sunburn Festival in nearby Goa and Submerge, to Tenzi FM, the EDM dedicated internet radio station featuring over 200 international DJs and broadcasting all genres to listeners worldwide, Mumbai is cementing India’s place as a premier destination for EDM.

Predictions from the paper include continued demand for real life experience despite availability of virtual and artificial entertainment and an increase in snacking – consuming small pieces of entertainment, often delivered on the move.

Ten Cultural trends:

  1. Collective Curation: Helping consumers navigate entertainment (Me Nation)
  2. Press Play: The spread of gaming to new audiences and to new activities (Power Play)
  3. Immersive Layered Entertainment: Entertainment in multiple environments (Maximising Moments)
  4. Feast for the Eyes: Visual images that simplify stories and immerse our senses (Visualisation)
  5. Real Deal: Craving credible talent & live experiences in the face of the artificial and the virtual (Seeking Authenticity)
  6. Unplugged/Plugged In: Uncluttering the entertainment world, both by turning off technology and by turning it on (Simplification)
  7. Social Entertainment: From group fun to group decision making (New Networking)
  8. Snacking & Bingeing: Snacking or indulging in moments to be entertained (Snacking)
  9. Local Talent: Celebrating and consuming locally grown talent (National Celebration)
  10. There’s New Business Like Show Business: Traditional models broken, new rules abound (New World Order)

Experts from global entertainment brands including YouTube, VEVO, Parlophone/Warner, Microsoft and Spotify were also interviewed on the trends they are seeing in the market, which included the move from a passive viewing audience to a creating audience enabled by global content platforms.

The report includes a breakdown of each cultural trend and what it means to brands, plus ‘Scout Reports’ from 20 cities in the Mindshare network, providing insight into local trends in entertainment and how they map against the research. City reports include ‘Big vs Small’ in London, ‘Dance in Trance’ in Mumbai and ‘Youth Power’ in Toronto.

Catherine Williams, Partner - Strategy at Mindshare Asia Pacific, said, "Entertainment in Asia is now an always-on customised experience. People have power to adapt their entertainment instantly by choosing to curate, binge, turn off or collect. Content now has competition and its consumer control. If brands want to continue to play in this space they need to be on their A game because the consumer is spoilt for choice."

Ravi Rao, Leader – South Asia, Mindshare, said, “We already know from our studies - like Mindreader - that music is one of the most loved entertainment indulgences. EDM in fact is second only to Bollywood film music in terms of popularity with GenNext in India. The city specific ‘Dance in Trance’ culture vulture report takes a deep dive into this phenomenon of EDM with an eye on being able to craft culturally adaptive entertainment experiences for consumers. This is just one of the many initiatives that Mindshare is driving in pursuit of providing our clients’ customers, experiences in media which will have a remarkable resonance.”

The report can be downloaded here:

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