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Discovery turns spotlight on the ultimate man-made machines in ‘World’s Top 5’

The 10-part series, starting October 21 at 8 PM, will pit these super machines against each other

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | October 18, 2013

Discovery Channel is set to go on a global hunt for the ultimate engineering geniuses, bringing the greatest man-made machines, from super plane and trains to mega factories built to an unimaginable scale. ‘World’s Top 5’ will pit these super machines against each other, measuring them in five major categories, to see which is the very best of the best. Starting October 21, 2013, the ten-part series will be telecast Monday to Friday at 8 PM.

With the help of scientific experts from across the world, audiences are treated to spectacular visuals and unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to these life-changing technological titans. Find out how a train without wheels reaches world-beating speeds, or what powers the world’s fastest cars. A panel of expert judges tests, analyses and rates each machine in five categories; all the while, revealing the secrets of their innovative success.

World’s Top 5 will turn the spotlight on the top 5 super cars, pitting the fastest against the most powerful, and the Al Anabi Dragster with an explosive accelerator against the ultimate racing gems. While each is a marvel of engineering, which one will lead in the five key automotive categories? Which will be crowned the world’s Ultimate Super Car? In mega factories, NASA, the hub of USA’s Space Programme, will go head-to-head with the world’s largest oil refinery, India’s Reliance Factory, among other engineering giants. The expert panel will enter the premises, rate each mega factory on five industrial categories, and countdown to the ultimate winner.

Super Planes: The series turns the focus on the world’s greatest mechanical marvels and pits them against each other to reveal the very best of the best. Some of the Super Planes featured in the episode are: Ukraine’s monster mover - the Antonov 225; French giant double-decker – the Airbus A380; America’s high-altitude spy plane – the Global Hawk; The Eurofighter Typhoon– the world’s most manoeuvrable jet fighter; and the backbone of the US military - the Lockheed C5 Galaxy.

Super Trains: French super high-speed double decker – the TGV Duplex; Japan’s tilting record-breaker – the aerodynamic N700 Bullet; North America’s mega-load bearer – the QNSL; China’s floating vision of the future – the Maglev; and the death-defying mountain climber that spans two countries – the Qingzang train.

Earthmovers: The Takraf Baggar – a goliath of an excavator; Enormous earthworm - the Crossrail Tunnel Borer; the supercomputer mega-digger - the Komatsu WA 1200; the CAT 8750 – a walking mega-mover; and its smaller, but just as impressive, cousin, the CAT 797F, the world’s biggest dumper truck. Each is a monster machine in its own right.

Mega Ships: The Mighty Servant 1 – a heavy-lifting transporter like no other; The Allure of the Seas – the world’s biggest Cruise Liner; TI Europe – a vast double-hulled oil tanker; The Ebba Maersk – the world’s biggest container ship; and the world’s deadliest warship – the USS GHW Bush. Each is a titan of the seas. But how will they fare in head-to-head battles in five key nautical categories?

Super Cars: Thrust SSC – the world’s fastest car; the most powerful road car every built – the Bugatti Veyron; Explosive accelerator – the Al Anabi Dragster; the ultimate in  racing cars – the F1 McLaren Mercedes; and the Tesla Roadster – the electric car that’s rewriting the rulebook. Each is a giant of engineering. But how will they fare in head-to-head battles in five key automotive categories?

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