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bindass launches season 4 of Big Switch

Premiering on January 13, the show will be telecast every Sunday at 7.00 pm

bindass launches season 4 of its flagship show Big Switch

Premiering on January 13, the show will be telecast every Sunday at 7.00 pm

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | January 10, 2013

Gaurav Chopraa at the launch of bindass Big Switch 4

bindass, India’s premiere youth entertainment brand that is synonymous with path breaking shows and innovative concepts has rung in the New Year with the return of one of its most successful reality series Big Switch Season! The 4th season of the show will hunt for India’s Toughest Raeeszade as three brat packs who have redefined the term ‘rich and spoilt’ take a life-changing journey across the toughest terrain of Himachal Pradesh with nothing but a bag of just essentials. For the very first time this season will see the brats fight it out along with their friends as “packs” and get their stamp of individuality by showcasing their camaraderie and friendship within the group. It is all about the ‘Survival of the Brat Pack’ testing their physical, mental, emotional ability and a chance to showcase that they are not just spoilt brats but intelligent and capable youth that can actually work hard, earn a living and above all survive without their parents riches.

Commenting on the format of Big Switch season 4, Nikhil Gandhi, Executive Director Youth Channels – Media Networks Disney UTV says, “The bindass Big Switch format is a path breaking concept with a very purposive goal. What we bring to our viewers is a unique experience of change. With the introduction of brat packs, Big Switch 4 will while creating a life changing journey also bring alive the spirit of friendship, the moments and situations in the show will showcase viewer’s genuine stories of human transformation and a lot of entertainment. Big Switch is in Season 4 and is extremely popular with the youth.”

Helping the brat packs throughout this journey on Big Switch 4, will be the host and ‘Big Brother’ Gaurav Chopraa, who will encourage and lead them. Gaurav, who comes from an affluent background, worked his way up in the entertainment industry. He is well versed with hardships and struggle; hence he will be an apt example for the contestants. “The journey has not been easy. I had to work for endless hours-often more than 20 hours a day. On many occasions I even questioned my choice of industry.  But then somehow I fought on. Therefore I identify with these 12 contestants are and I see myself in them. I have been there and done that...If I could struggle, go through hardships and make it, then so can they and I will guide them and help them as their ‘Big Brother’. My aim is to try and change their outlook towards life, I am totally looking forward to the handpick India’s toughest Raeeszade!” says Chopraa.

Big Switch across its successful three seasons took the affluent Indian youth out of their comfort zone and tested their mettle by putting them in tough, challenging and unfamiliar situations. Season one saw rich celebrities living in the slums while in season two, youth switched homes and parents. Season three saw well known director Rohit Shetty mentor rich kids encouraging them to live a life without the luxuries that they were used to. This season Big Switch will raise the bar making it not only about survival, but survival with a group of friends!  bindass gives these three rich brat packs a chance to prove that they are tough, smart and worthy of their riches as they get ready to take on the challenge of a lifetime on Woodland Presents bindass Big Switch 4 – India’s Toughest Raeeszade!

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