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Cannes Diary: George Lois and Lee Clow – Jai Guru Devas

Nima DT Namchu, Executive Creative Director, Cheil India, writes from Cannes

Nima DT Namchu

Thursday night (20th June) only ended this morning, Friday, because we left the India party and ended up at the legendary Gutter Bar (surprise!). I must confess that I don't recollect much from the night but it must have been fun because I have one big headache.

The morning, however, is crystal clear. Woke up to the insistent ringing of the phone – it was Navin with "let’s move or we will miss Lee Clow and George Lois!"

Made it to the Palais on time and sat there with my mouth open for the next 45 minutes as they spoke about the people they had worked with (Bill Bernbach, Jay Chiat, Steve Jobs), the brands they worked on (Esquire, Apple, Volkswagen) and how advertising has changed since then.

While Lee Clow was optimistic about the artist doing great work with all the technology at hand, it was quite apparent that he felt the digital revolution is still in its infancy.

But I think Mr Lois said it best when he reminded us that "this is called the business of creativity, not technology". In other words, let's see the work.

A truly inspiring session ended too quickly. So we made our way to the closest breakfast place in the company of Vikas Chemjong and Krishna Mani of Ogilvy Gurgaon. (Just in case you hadn't heard, Vikas won a Gold).

Have to run. We have to join our colleagues from the network for a party on some yacht.


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