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Extreme angler explores more mysteries in Animal Planet’s River Monsters

Dive down with Jeremy Wade as he searches for the world’s most mysterious river monsters such as the giant cousin of the piranha that has turned from vegetarian to meat eater, with a particular interest in male genitalia!

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | May 21, 2013

Jeremy Wade, biologist and fishing detective, has spent 25 years exploring our planet’s remotest rivers and lakes, hunting for monster-sized fish. It has become an obsession for him – and for his millions of viewers. Animal Planet’s wildly popular television series, ‘River Monsters’, goes where no wildlife programme has gone before, revealing the creatures that lurk in the murky depths of inland waterways. This summer, Wade returns for more dangerous mystery and freshwater sleuthing in new episodes of River Monsters. This one will prove to be the most exotic and bizarre yet.

Animal Planet’s top-performing series returns with brand-new episodes beginning May 27, every night at 8 PM, as extreme angler Wade travels worldwide to solve freshwater fish tales and lures in watery culprits that allegedly attack mankind. This season, Wade finds himself in places he has never explored as he travels to the far reaches of the globe – from serpentine underwater caves to remote rivers filled with freshwater crocodiles. He searches for the giant cousin of the piranha that, with its gnarly teeth and gnawing jaws, has turned from vegetarian to meat eater, with a particular interest in male genitalia!

Follow Wade to Thailand where the adventurous angler goes in search of what is thought to be the largest freshwater fish – the giant freshwater stingray. Also known locally as the "wish-you-were-dead" fish, this UFO-shaped marine monstrosity is said to measure about 16 feet long and seven feet across and is approximately 1,300 pounds; but what could really kill is its 18-inch barbed, bayonet-like tail that could whip extremely painful venom through an unfortunate passerby. But even that is not going to stop Wade from tracking down this mysterious monster.

Jeremy Wade's adventures take him all over the world to solve freshwater fish mysteries in locations such as Congo, South Africa, Uganda, Ethiopia, Alaska, and Florida. Wade commented, “This season I get into even more unfamiliar territory. The destinations are diverse, the stories strange, and the fish every bit as fearsome but in unexpected ways. I encountered fish with invisible powers, others that live to a century, the largest true freshwater fish so far and the longest struggle I’ve had with a live fish to date.”

With new episodes of River Monsters, viewers can expect to be reeled in as Wade discovers a freshwater fish that can grow as long as a whale, a species of shark that lives in freshwater 100 miles from the sea, and a fish with teeth as big as a lion's as well as other creatures and moments captured on film for the first time. As he pushed his mental and physical limits to the maximum, join the extreme fisherman as he attempts to capture these amazing creatures and tell their tales.

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