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Zee Cafe’s glamorous ‘Tweetup’ for all ‘Gossip Girl’ fans

The packed event was exclusive for the social media fans and viewers of “Gossip Girl”

April 4, 2013:

As a part of its marketing initiative for the 5th & 6th Season of ‘Gossip Girl’, ZCafe hosted a unique ‘Tweetup’ for all the crazy fans of the show. The evening that was hosted on 18th March at Hard Rock Café, Mumbai and 20th March date in Delhi, saw a turnout of over 400 enthusiasts who surely made it a memorable extravaganza! It was a fun night as Zee Café united all the fans of the cult show for the first time in India!

The packed event was exclusive for the social media fans and viewers of “Gossip Girl” and the parties were thrown in order to honor their fanfare for the channel and the show. This event was an “invites only” affair and the ‘chosen ones’ were selected via a contest held on Twitter by the channel.

Said Anurag Bedi (Business Head,Zee Niche channels ), “Zee Café has always been ahead of its competitors when it came to innovative marketing activities and ‘Girls night out’ was just another example of that. The channel managed to reach their exact target audience with this event. The idea behind holding the ‘Girls Night Out’ Tweetup was to bring together like minded viewers and form friendships based on a common admiration for the channel and the show. This was a unique and one of its kind initiative that proved to be a big hit with the young female viewers who it was aimed at. We created an unique platform for all like minded people to connect and bond over common interests.”

The event kicked off with scandalous games, alcohol, a sumptuous feast and a whole lot of dressy PYT’s mingling with each other throughout the night!! The guests in their uber-glam avatars sporting the trendiest hairstyles were seen hobnobbing with their contemporaries and had a blast discussing Blair, Serena & Chuck Bass (the main characters of Gossip Girl).

The invitees were chosen on the basis of a contest that was run on Facebook & Twitter during the launch of the show. The fans were asked what was their idea of a perfect ‘girls night out’? After receiving a astounding number of tweets which kept pouring through the week, the most unique and differentiated thoughts were being voted as the winners and were invited for this exclusive Tweetup! This event was a one of its kind proposition for the young viewers of the channel to come forward and meet each other in person.

To participate in more such fun events do keep watching  Z Café and don’t forget to tune into the latest seasons of Gossip Girl(Season 5 & 6) every Monday-Friday at 10 pm only on Zee Café

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