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For Tata Docomo, incomplete stories are a thing of the past

DraftfcbUlka has conceptualised five TVCs that aim to bury the doubts in consumers’ minds about ‘unlimited plans’

For Tata Docomo, incomplete stories are a thing of the past

DraftfcbUlka has conceptualised five TVCs that aim to bury the doubts in consumers’ minds about ‘unlimited plans’

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | September 17, 2012 

Unlimited plans, till now a feature only for post-paid customers, has now been extended to pre-paid customers as well by Tata Docomo. The move comes from the strategic intent of making the brand relevant for the high-value prepaid customers. Though unlimited plans have existed in the market predominantly on data, there is always an element of suspicion because unlimited always used to come with hidden conditions.

DraftfcbUlka has conceptualised and executed a series of five TVCs for Tata Docomo around the unlimited plans product. Tata Docomo in continuance with its refreshingly different approach has liberated the consumer from the conditions that used to limit an unlimited plan, thus creating a whole new paradigm of unlimited plans that are truly unlimited.

Ritesh Ghosal, Head – Brand Marketing, Tata Docomo, said, “Unlimited benefits without the imposition of conditions is a fresh paradigm in the category and we believe that, played the right way, unlimited products can give a tremendous boost to the growth of the brand.”

The strategy was to play ‘unlimited’ as the next big card for the brand to present it as Tata Docomo’s way of life. The telecom category as viewed by the customer is infested with complicated tariffs, conditions on tariffs, riders on conditions, etc., leaving the customer perpetually wondering how much a call actually costs or what the bill would look like at the end of the month. The unlimited plans from Tata Docomo are a step towards liberating the customer from these worries of billing and tariff details.

The communication challenge for DraftfcbUlka was to pitch ‘unlimited plans’ as a proposition that the consumer could easily connect with at a life level. In terms of the product promise it is about the abundance of entitlements that unlimited plans bring to the consumer’s life. But the communication idea emanated from the insight that ‘people get irritated when a good story gets interrupted’. Whether they are conversations or anything else, people generally hate it when things are left incomplete. This is how the brand promise emerged – to help complete every incomplete story in life with unlimited plans.

Vasudha Misra, Senior Creative Director, DraftfcbUlka, said, The idea was to imagine all conversations as stories. And just as any break in a story – like during a TV show or a film – irritates the hell out of us, so does a break in conversation in real life taking place over the phone or the net. Thus, unlimited plans equal break-free conversation.”

Sridhar Iyer, Senior VP, DraftfcbUlka, commented, “In this campaign we’ve played the word unlimited in a refreshingly different way steering the viewer away from suspicion and cynicism which is normally associated with this word and yet hammered home the product message strongly.”

A series of five TVCs has been created that brings to life the proposition of unlimited plans. A full blown 360 campaign has also been rolled out that aims to create a surround for the consumer and make the product stick in the consumer’s mind through powerful contextual messaging.

Unplugged moment: The actor playing the protagonist in the knife film who thought he looked cute and lovable got the shock of his life after he saw his sinister avatar on the monitor at the set!

The TVCs:




Creative agency: DraftFCBUlka National Creative Director: KS Chakravarthy (Chax) Creative Team: Vasudha Misra, DeepikaChauhan, Murtaza Said

Account Management: Sridhar Iyer, Sudipto Poddar, Rohit Ahuja, Bhaswati Bhattacharya Account Planning: Siddharth Grover

Agency Producers: Alpa Jobalia, Mazhar Khan Production House: Footcandles Director: Ayappa

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