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Aegis Media launches its global consumer behaviour tools in India

Consumer Connections System (CCS) is claimed to be the most in-depth source of media, marketing and consumer targeting data in the world. It analyses media consumption not just by genre but also by specific channel, programme, title, etc.

Aegis Media launches its global consumer behaviour tools in India 

Consumer Connections System (CCS) is claimed to be the most in-depth source of media, marketing and consumer targeting data in the world. It analyses media consumption not just by genre but also by specific channel, programme, title, etc. 

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | September 19, 2012

Aegis Media, one of the largest global media networks, has launched its proprietary research based tools CCS and OCS in India. Originally launched 12 years ago in the UK, CCS has now expanded globally and is available in more than 40 countries covering over 250,000 respondents accounting for over 90 per cent of global advertising expenditure. In APAC, CCS is currently active in China, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and now India.

CCS is the broadest and most in-depth single source of media, marketing and consumer targeting data in the world and will provide India and Aegis Media clients, actionable insight into communication usage and engagement across bought, owned and earned digital, experiential and media channels. The investment in the tool stems from a belief that digital is changing everything, and, crucially, contributes to the way advertisers put an understanding of how consumers think and behave at the heart of everything they do.

With a focus on digital, this is the first study to have a significant focus on the digital touchpoints and e-commerce which is on a growth spurt in India. In-depth information is available for the first time in India through CCS which is capable of evaluating the comfort of the consumer with e-commerce.

CCS is owned by Aegis Media and gives the agency and their clients a valuable insight into how consumers choose and use media in a rapidly changing world. In the new era of media, CCS and OCS help to create powerful connections between our client’s brands and their most valuable consumers.

Speaking on the launch, Ashish Bhasin, Chairman of Aegis India and CEO, Aegis SE Asia, said, “We are delighted to launch the Consumer Connection System in India. CCS is based on a communications, lifestyle and product survey conducted across 18 towns and cities across SEC A, B, C & D, thus making it the most in-depth tool available in the country. It facilitates the consumer-centric philosophy that we apply to strategy and communications. This is combined with insight into our clients’ brands and categories making bespoke consumer segmentations truly actionable through communication. This is India’s largest research of this nature, with a global footprint.”

On the future steps post launch, Bhasin said, “We will be introducing all of our clients to this tool which will become an integral part of our Integrated Communication Planning (ICP) process for all of them. Our investment is not a one-off and we will be repeating the research whenever required, from now on. At Aegis Media we understand the value that research will play in planning for our clients and in line with this we will continue to make all the investments necessary to enable our clients to get the best consumer understanding of this complex country we live in.”

He added, “Apart from this we will also make available to our clients an opportunity to go back to each of the consumers who have been interviewed as the part of the benchmark study and run a deep dive analysis specific to their categories. This would further enable our clients to understand the way the consumers interface with media and how they respond to their brands.”

Speaking further on the robustness of the system, Bhasin said, “We have made some significant investments in this research to ensure that all clients of the Aegis Media group benefit from a deeper understanding of the rapidly changing consumer. The research was conducted across 18 cities and across 9,000 respondents to measures the consumer’s relationship with communications generically and by category. It measures aspects like Generic Channel Involvement across 39 touch points (Bought, Owned & Earned) addressing questions on recency of consumption, level of interest/enjoyment, level of attention paid to the touchpoint, level of engagement with the touchpoint, etc. Apart from this, it goes further into understanding the Category Specific Channel Involvement across 61 touch-points (Bought, Owned & Earned) answering queries like action as a result of noticeability and what channel facilitated post engagement to name a few.”

Specifically in the digital space and e-commerce which has been an area of added focus for the research, it shows a growing role for e-commerce in the market and early studies suggest

  • Of the 18% of the population (amongst SEC ABC) who have accessed internet, 40% of them have bought something in the last 12 months
  • 48% regularly research / look for products online.
  • Top categories being:
  1. Books – 14.78%
  2. Clothes/Shoes/Accessories/Jewellery – 12.83%
  3. Insurance – 12.5%
  4. 10% have bought Groceries and other Household items online

CCS talks to 125,000 consumers in the APAC region and over 250,000 globally. In India, just in this round, 9,000 consumers have already been talked to, in depth.  The continued roll-out of CCS across the region and our global network guarantees consistency of Research and Insight throughout all of our work. CCS also ensures Aegis Media delivers global consistency.

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