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DDB Mudra adds morning energy to Clean & Clear

The TVC for the international product, has been largely supported by social media especially Facebook

DDB Mudra adds morning energy to Clean & Clear

The TVC for the international product, has been largely supported by social media especially Facebook

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | July 25, 2012

Clean & Clear Morning Energy face wash, range has been advertised internationally as the perfect solution for girls who’ve had a late night and need to perk up in the morning. However, when the product entered India, the communication needed tweaking since here, ‘Late nights’ have negative connotations of parties and irresponsibility.

DDB Mudra’s research for the affirmed this. Hanoz Mogrelia – Group Creative Director, DDB Mudra Mumbai said, “The brief we got told us to introduce the internationally successful range of face washes in India. The face wash is aimed at teenage girls who do not like to get up in the morning, usually because of late nights.” In India, thus, DDB Mudra needed to keep Indian sensibilities in mind while creating communication for this new range.

The teen girls who were spoken to, immediately rejected the notions of late nights claiming that it didn’t hold true for them. “However, when we spoke to them about their daily routine, we found that most teens we spoke to went to sleep after midnight on weekdays! In fact, they stayed up much later when they had exams or project submissions due. This set up a problem for us. We had the perfect product for girls staying up late at night, but they completely refused to acknowledge this habit,” said Mitali Srivastava, AVP Planning, DDB Mudra Mumbai.

She added, “When we mapped out these girl’s lives, we found that it becomes the best friend’s role to wake up her groggy friend in the morning. Best friends always stick together and don’t go to class without the other. Hence the best friend’s becomes the girl’s alarm clock to make sure she gets up on time. So while her best friend gets her to college on time; her late night takes its toll on her face and it shows. She has an alarm clock to make sure she gets up, but her skin does not skin really wake up.”

Keeping the insight of ‘time keeper’ best friend intact in the communication, “We created a series of fun TVCs that showed a girl employing unusual techniques to wake her best friend up.  We used these spots to communicate that in addition to your best friend, you also need an alarm clock for your skin,” said Srivastava.

The TVC was followed by a crowd-sourcing contest on social media, especially Facebook, where contestants were asked to shoot their own crazy ways of waking their best friends up. Radio, outdoor and print was used to reinforce the message that there’s now an alarm clock for your skin.  The winners of the Clean & Clear Times Fresh Face Contest were used as the faces of Clean & Clear in the communication where the best friend morning story was replicated.

The TVC:



Chairman and CCO: Sonal Dabral

President: Rajiv Sabnis

Executive Creative Director: Louella Rebello

Group Creative Director: Hanoz Mogrelia

Art: Rithwick Raghunath

Copy: Kashyap Joshi

Account Management: Sharmila Malekar, Aastha Chopra

Account Planning: Aditya Kanthy, Mitali Srivastava, Saloni Handa

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