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Cheil gives human edge to Samsung Galaxy S III

The core, overarching message of the TVC is how Samsung Galaxy S III technology truly cares about users

Cheil gives human edge to Samsung Galaxy S III

The core, overarching message of the TVC is how Samsung Galaxy S III technology truly cares about users

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | July 10, 2012

In today’s ‘smart’ world, technology often holds our lives back as we learn to adapt to technology. We are often tired of too much technology, which makes people feel stupid. But it should be the other way around. People want technology that truly cares about the users.

Using this insight, Samsung Galaxy S III was ideated. Samsung Galaxy S III is a revolutionary new phone, not just another smartphone. It is a phone that understands human beings – a phone that understands and works with the user.

Cheil Worldwide has produced a series of commercials for this smartphone that celebrates the birth of sleek and innovative devices. The core, overarching message of the TVC is ‘human’ and how Samsung Galaxy S III understands the user.

The series of ads consist of an extended version ad of two minutes, a three-minute ‘A day in life’ and 30-second shorter ads. The TVC starts with a statement ‘It understands you’. Different Galaxy S III features are shown throughout the commercial to demonstrate how the phone understands the user and works with the user. It highlights the following features that the phone offers:

  • It understands you.
  • Shares what’s in your heart. – S Beam
  • Sees your best side – Best Photo
  • Responds to your words – S voice
  • Keeps track of loved ones – Social tag
  • Lets you do two things at once – Pop-up play
  • Let others see your thoughts – Allshare play
  • Allows you to play together – Allshare cast
  • Knows when you are awake, knows when you’re asleep –Smart Stay
  • Designed for humans

To show how Galaxy S III truly understands human beings, Cheil Worldwide, instead of simply demonstrating features, tried to weave in each feature into a meaningful real life drama. For example, to demonstrate the S-Beam function, it tells an emotional story where a couple has to say goodbye. Although they are separated by a glass wall, Galaxy S III allows them to share their own intimate moment to communicate and share their feelings.

The TVC was first aired in the UK on June 1, 2012, and gradually continues to be aired in other markets. Not every country will do TV commercials (it depends on markets) but where Samsung does wish to go with a TVC, this campaign by Cheil Worldwide will be aired.

The first Galaxy S III was unveiled on May 3, 2012 in London. The UK launch was followed by gradual launches in 146 other countries. Samsung expects sales of Galaxy S III to top 10 million units during July, breaking the company’s sales record.

For the record, the phone debuted in India on May 31.

The TVC:



Agency: Cheil Worldwide

Brand: Samsung Galaxy S III

Executive Creative Director: Wain Choi

Creative Director/Copywriter: Alistair Wood

Art Director: CheYoung Yoon

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