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Airtel's new funda: 'Sirf cable nahi, life badlo'

Banking on the digitisation move, Airtel DTH has launched a nationwide campaign to reposition Airtel Digital TV to drive recall and customer affinity

Airtel's new funda: ‘Sirf cable nahi, life badlo’

Banking on the digitisation move, Airtel DTH has launched a nationwide campaign to reposition Airtel Digital TV to drive recall and customer affinity

Ananya Saha | Delhi | June 22, 2012

Since the launch of digital TV services in India, Airtel Digital TV has created a distinctive positioning in the minds of customers. To take the next big leap in the category, it was imperative for the brand to infuse new energy into its customer communication. With the digitisation agenda steadily gaining momentum across the four metros, DTH players are now looking at maximising this opportunity to create top of the mind recall for their brands.

For Airtel Digital TV, the communication opportunity was to reinforce the brand’s leadership through a big and completely differentiated take on the category and by appropriating the emotional benefit to drive recall and customer affinity.

The big communication idea was to highlight that ‘great content has the power to transform lives’. The campaign theme is 'Sirf cable nahi, life badlo' where each feature/product is dramatised through its impact on life. The campaign sends out a crisp communication: that television content can shape a perspective, define a point of view and, when it’s really powerful, it can change one’s life.

Sumeer Mathur, AVP & Strategic Planning Director, JWT, said, “The brand sees the current digitisation process as a positive government initiative that will change the television viewing experience. The nationwide campaign hinges on showing the benefits of switching from cable to Airtel Digital TV through the proposition ‘Sirf cable nahi, life badlo’. The TVC leverages simple insights on how a viewer’s life is transformed when he moves from a cable household to an Airtel Digital TV household.”

“The campaign uses superior product attributes of Airtel Digital TV and links them to show how the consumer’s life is changed through them. As these features are unique in the market and all hold relevance for different sets of target groups, they are addressed in individual TVCs,” Mathur added.

For the campaign, the team also changed the visual language and tone of voice to make the communication fresh, young and modern. Nutan Sooda, Executive Business Director and VP, JWT, said, “The reason for the shift is that a new wave of consumers are entering the market and the brand wanted to speak them  in a more contemporary and youthful manner. Hence the new visual imagery is more modern and progressive. The Airtel mother brand is a heavily advertised brand, so we needed to give Airtel Digital TV a unique identity and separate it from other offerings from Airtel. To achieve this it was decided to use blue as the secondary colour as it cues technology and is distinct in the world of Airtel offerings.”

Shashi Aroa, CEO, Airtel Digital TV, said, “We have got a big push over the last three years and we take the digitisation deadline as a big opportunity. While we will be focussing on TVCs, digital would remain our main focus.”

The brand has rolled out a complete 360-degree campaign including print, outdoor, TV, cinema, radio and digital with a special focus on key digitisation centres (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai).

The TVC:



Creative agency: JWT

Creative Director: Nishit Shankar, Sumonto Ghosh

Film Director: Sainath Choudhury

Production house: Purple Vishnu

Media Agency: Madison

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