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Ozone Media bags PolicyBazaar.com account

To deliver performance at scale for PolicyBazaar through strengthened retargeting capabilities

Ozone Media bags PolicyBazaar.com account

To deliver performance at scale for PolicyBazaar through strengthened retargeting capabilities

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | February 23, 2012

Ozone Media, the pioneers of ad-networks in India, have recently bagged the exclusive display advertising account of PolicyBazaar. Ozone Media has a mandate to run campaigns for the brand across different marketing objectives - from building awareness to achieving conversions. In a short span of one quarter alone, Ozone Media has delivered registrations across 5 different product categories to PolicyBazaar.

“This is a turning point for the industry and a very proud moment for us, a realisation that behavioural targeting based on consumer insights and innovations help us bring maturity and increased attention of the advertiser to internet media. We are able to bring a flavour of search advertising effectiveness to display, standing by our commitment to high performance and delivery on campaigns. We thank PolicyBazaar for bestowing the faith on us,” said Kiran Gopinath, Founder and CEO, Ozone Media.

“We have been able to substantially reduce the cost of acquiring customers online with the support of Ozone Media and also build very logical online campaigns which reach out to correct consumers and help maximise marketing activities. I am confident that in the next 18 months, 20% of the industry will move online and we will be having the largest share in the online market. Some of the most credible work Ozone has done for us has been in the field of remarketing” said Akshay Mehrotra, Chief Marketing Officer, PolicyBazaar.

The campaign has also witnessed an Impressions to Lead ratio that is significantly lower than non-retargeted campaigns. “Retargeting ensures that we only display ads to those consumers who have reached at least the Interest stage of the classic AIDA model. This results in better ROI for the advertiser, as wastage in targeting consumers still at the Awareness stage is minimized,” added Kiran.

“With their retargeting capabilities, Ozone Media has brought around an appreciable difference to our digital advertising ROI,” remarked Akshay.

Deploying new-age technologies and platforms, Ozone Media promises high performance and delivery for campaigns running on its network. With access to all major sources of inventory, Ozone Media supplements its extensive managed inventory reach with inventory procured on a real time basis, and is uniquely positioned to retrieve insights from historical data – both from internal and external sources in running campaigns to achieve advertiser goals. Ozone media has been using retargeting and behavioural targeting to increase campaign effectiveness by up to 15X in certain cases.

The company recently announced the appointment of Sanjay Vasudeva, as SVP – sales and Chetana Anagol as VP- Operations, critical to the expansion strategy of Ozone Media across geographies, business growth and operational excellence in local and global markets.



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