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Fastrack campaign makes hell cool!

Fisheye Creative Solutions has conceptualised the digital campaign in which the youth have been invited to write their own eulogy, confess their dirtiest little secrets, immortalise their last words

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | December 19, 2012

As the world comes to end and we revel in the purgatory fire. Sinning, as we were meant to, and welcoming the glorified afterlife in hell. The netherworld welcomes its most devious miscreants. In its new campaign, Fastrack now gives you a chance to ‘Make Hell Cool’! You may write your own eulogy, confess your dirtiest little secrets, immortalise your last words. Fastrack helps you break free and live out your last days on earth in pure blasphemy. 'Carpe diem', 'seize the moment', every brand has said it. makehellcool.com is Fastrack's way of showing how it is done.

Fisheye Creative Solutions has conceptualised the campaign which is being promoted through mediums like Outdoor, TV, Radio and Digital.

Simeran Bhasin, Marketing Head, Fastrack & New Brands at Titan, said about the brief to the agency, “We had briefed multiple agencies about doing a campaign which focused on the end of the world. We wanted to do a Fastrack take on the Mayan calendar and while we were in the process of churning out ideas, Fisheye approached us with the Make Hell Cool concept which we decided to go for.”

 Fisheye Strategy Head Dave Banerjee said, “Doomsday predictions are a fabulous way to draw attention. If it were not for their doomsday prediction, how many of us would be discussing the Mayans right now or their forgotten calendar?”

Banerjee added, “So when we saw the impending apocalypse as an opportunity, we were just following in the footsteps of the Mayans. Here was a moment that a youth brand could seize to cock an irreverent snoot at beliefs and predictions.”

“When it came to irreverence and youth, we could think of no better brand than Fastrack. And true to our expectation, Ronnie Talati, Simeran Bhasin and team at Fastrack were quick on the ball. And we had exactly a week to have a doomsday campaign up and running,” Banerjee commented.

Within a week’s time, Tejal Patni shot the campaign, post-houses in Brazil had put their best people together to get the images out on time, BinaryBulb had makehellcool.com up and running, Littilworks had shot and completed two films, Fastrack stores were readied for hell, hoardings were up in major cities, Radio One was running promotions and contests, commemorative Fastrack End Of The World Hampers were designed and ready, and activations were organised at Mood Indigo, IIT Powai.

And apocalypse followed.

Here are some gems of confessions:

Shaurya Sinha: “I once made a friend smoke oregano thinking it was weed. Funny thing was he actually acted like he got high from it afterwards!!!;P”

Abraham Chandapillai: “I fart silently in public and move on.”

Some last words:

Arnabjit Datta: Good news! We won’t need a condom this time.”

Dishebh Raj Shrestha: “I am tomorrow, tomorrow never dies.”

And a few obituaries:

Aruna Elizabeth George: “Here lies sweet gorgeous Aruna, her snorts were unique, her dance moves hilarious and her jokes forgettable. She laughed her way through life and was loved by all her friends. She hopes that even in hell, there will be dogs to pet!”

Deepak Santhanam: “RIP Deepak: Deepak came. Deepak saw. Deepak conquered every level in every video game he ever played. He is survived by his beloved Playstation 3. And he hopes hell offers better graphics.”

The invite video:




Strategy Head: Dave Banerjee

Creative Head: Tony Lawrence

Copywriter: Praveen Balachander

Art Director: Sourabh Thakur

Digital Director: Malika Baruah (BinaryBulb)

Technology Head: Tushar Chandra (BinaryBulb)

Account Director: Vinoo Krishnan

Account Manager: Alex Sebastian

Photographer: Tejal Patni

Film Director: Littil Swayamp (LittilWorks)


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