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Milestone Brandcom executes outdoor campaign for 'Ring ka King'

Disrupts the outdoor landscape to unleash the unsettling wrath of the wrestle warriors for ‘Ring ka King’

Milestone Brandcom executes outdoor campaign for ‘Ring ka King’

Disrupts the outdoor landscape to unleash the unsettling wrath of the wrestle warriors for ‘Ring ka King’

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | January 27, 2012

Milestone Brandcom brings alive the aggression of the ring,with its disruptive communication ideas to promote the ‘Ring ka King’ thriller campaign for COLORS across 70 markets in India.From stunt-based shows to captive reality, COLORS has always been at the forefront & known for its bold, courageous, disruptive & differentiated offering. Ring ka King, is a new sports entertainment reality show recently announced by COLORS,to launch on 28th Jan featuring 30 wrestlers (Indian and international).

The mandate to Milestone Brandcom was to give full justice to the thought of bringing about the exuberance of the show throughout the outdoor campaign. Hanoz Patel, Founder Member & Managing Partner at Milestone Brandcom said, “A show with such unsettling aggression of the heavy weights to reckon with like 7’ tall wrestler or a 149 kg person deserved a larger than life representation. This kind of scale could not have been better depicted on any other media but outdoor, where medium becomes the message itself, as a result Milestone Brandcom devised a media plan& communication ideasboth high on volume & scale.”

It was thus imperative to showcase the drama, action, humour and tension that formed the backdrop for these fights to bring the action in the ring alive on the streets.Milestone Brandcomcreatively extended the campaign theme for the required buzz & hype around the show with the following innovative communicationideas for the show:

-      Scott Steiner tearing apart a huge billboard with his lethal blow

-      Monster Abyss smacking a heavy weight trailer, crushing it into pieces

-      Booking a double-decker billboard one on top of the other to accommodate Matt Morgan dwarfing &crushing the high rise buildings below

-      Extended boundaries of the billboards, to accommodate the colossal wrestlers all into a single frame of billboard

“Milestone Brandcom is a ‘thinking’ OOH agency, and that is our key strength in creating difference in our service offering to our clients. We have time & again delivered unique ideas and innovative media applications in the OOH space that are in the best interest of the brands& campaign themes. We strive to create benchmarks & push the limits,campaign after campaign, which is best illustrated with multiple innovative ideas conceptualized & executed from our end for our various clients including COLORS.” added Hanoz Patel.

Commenting about this OOH communication approach, Rajesh Iyer, Head Marketing, COLORS said, “The 'Ring Ka King' thriller campaign is the physical representation of the excitement that the show embodies. We wanted to bring the action of the ring alive throughout our communication. To bring out the adrenaline pumped exuberance of the show into our promotional activities we collaborated with our creative partners to come up with a campaign, which could do full justice to the thought. All our promotions for Ring Ka King, be it the print innovation with Mid Day or disruptive campaign across outdoor, radio and TV, is high on volume and scale."

The OOH media plan covered 1200 media touch points spread well across a selection of large formats covering high traffic & footfalls along arterial roads and transit media & junctions. The media touchpoints comprised of – billboards, cantilevers, unipoles, gantries, public utilities, bus shelters, bus side panels and boards inside high footfall density stations.



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