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Discovery goes Inside Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg

The show tells story of Zuckerberg’s extraordinary rise to become the hottest tech phenomenon of our time. It premieres on Sunday, June 17, at 8 PM

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | June 11, 2012

Mark Zuckerberg’s journey from Harvard psychology and computer science student to being the founder of one of the most influential new businesses in the world is the stuff of legend. Facebook has already acquired nearly 900 million users. Half of them log on to the site every day to communicate with family, friends, acquaintances, celebrities, businesses and brands.

With exclusive interviews with Zuckerberg himself and access to Facebook’s offices in Silicon Valley and its seniormost staff, Discovery Channel’s one-off programme, ‘Mark Zuckerberg: Inside Facebook’, tells the story of Zuckerberg’s extraordinary rise to become the hottest tech phenomenon of our time. The show premieres on Sunday, June 17, at 8 PM.

Zuckerberg has revolutionised the landscape of social media, entering unexplored realms and redefining communication, from posting news and photographs, to playing games and downloading other apps.  The show throws light on the inspirational story of Zuckerberg’s tremendous success as an Internet entrepreneur and examines new challenges he faces in combining his idealistic vision of a more open world with the business potential that Facebook now represents.

Facebook is said to be worth over $100 billion, but can its business model really justify the valuation? While the ad industry is buying into Facebook’s claims for the value of linking products with the recommendations of friends, some question the effectiveness of Facebook’s advertising model. Discovery Channel’s one-hour exclusive talks about how Facebook can function as a giant market research database to target ads to specific groups of consumers, and examines the threats faced by the company in the form of other networking websites like Google. The programme also assesses the critical role that Zuckerberg himself plays in determining its prospects.

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