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History TV18 shows the Super Humans

Premiering this Friday, May 18, 2012 at 9 pm, the show “Stan Lee’s Superhumans” is about spectacular humans and their unbelievable abilities

May 18, 2012:

Throughout history, the forces of evolution and genetic mutation have endowed humans with astonishing abilities and features, which is a process that continues to this day.  Stan Lee (the creator of legendary superheroes) along with co-host David Browning Smith (the most flexible man in the world) presents these fascinating people in Super Humans this month only on HISTORY TV18. A series which scours the globe for the real life counterparts of Lee’s characters – people with unique genetic traits that translate into remarkable powers.

History has proven that ‘special’ people have always walked amongst us. The show will feature some amazing Super Humans with astonishing abilities like the Unbreakable Man who demonstrates astounding powers to withstand dynamic forces and remain absolutely unharmed in spite of a blow of steel on his head or a powerful electric drill into his temple; the Ultimate Archer gifted with meticulous vision sensation and the ability to target minute objects with complete accuracy and the  Human Hydrant with the implausible ability to hold four times more water in his stomach than any normal human, an amount considered to be fatal enough to dilute blood.


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