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Discovery HD World explores ‘Unique Cultures’

The show airs every Wednesday at 7 PM, and discovers islands and entire civilisations unchanged by industry, economics, religion or even science

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | May 30, 2012

Uniqueness may be found in unexpected places or communities with cultural distinctiveness and boundaries. These culture characteristics are defined by various influences including geographical, spiritual and agricultural. Discovery HD World introduces its viewers to the most interesting and unique cultures from around the world in its new series ‘Unusual Cultures’. It airs every Wednesday at 7 PM on Discovery HD World.

There are places on Earth where people live together in harmony, each practising a different religion. There are places in the world where food is still hunted and gathered without modern influence. There are islands and entire civilisations unchanged by industry, economics, religion or even science – life has been the same in these places for centuries. ‘Unusual Cultures’ offers a fascinating look at people and their practices and the significance they play in day-to-day life. Discovery HD World explores cultures from earliest civilisations to the present day.

The show embarks on a journey to places like Jerusalam where followers of different religions live in peace, respecting each others beliefs. It examines in great detail the life in Lamalera, a quaint village on an Indonesian island, where the culture of life is orbited by traditional whale hunting and spiritual rituals. Then it visits the Crimean Peninsula in the Black Sea to meet Crimean Tatars, and then travels to New Zealand to discover the traditions of the native Maoris. On the island of Pura, it meets the natives who harvest food in a very unusual way. It goes to Java and gets introduced to the only European Indians – the Lapps. It takes a peep into the ancient Hindu culture of Bali which somehow continues to survive the constant influx of thousands of tourists. It travels to the Portuguese island of Madeira, well known around the world for its quality wines, wild nature and traditional artistic crafts.


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