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Garnier Pure Active teases with 'Bust Blackheads' digital campaign

Conceived by Foxymoron, the campaign aims to generate a unique reach of over 20 million users

Ananya Saha | Delhi | April 17, 2012

Digital media is the buzzword to connect with the youth. Keeping with this marketing reality, skincare brand Garnier Pure Active has unveiled its teaser campaign on digital media for its campaign ‘Bust BlackHeads’. With Facebook being the central hub for the campaign, digital banners across sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, Indiatimes, In.com, the Google Network and other niche sites are being used to proliferate the message and generate visibility on digital media.

The interactive campaign literally personifies 'BlackHeads' as characters and gets audiences and prospective consumers to 'know' these BlackHeads and thus understand not only their causes but also their characteristics through interactive storytelling.

The teasers have consumers guessing who these 'characters' really are. The objective is to create intrigue and generate a sense of ‘likeability’ for the design and also communicate that these characters are ‘bad’.

FoxyMoron, the digital creative and media agency for the campaign, has worked with the team at Garnier Pure Active to co-create the characters and their various 'lifestyles'.

Anuj Jain, Marketing Manager at Garnier Skin Naturals, said, “Digital communication has always been a critical part of our communication strategy. Our aim with this campaign is two-fold: to reach the youth who are increasingly spending more time on Internet and to create a two-way communication channel with the consumer.”

“To enable our TG of 14-19-year-olds to effectively understand and also discuss the causes of blackheads in an interesting and interactive format, we decided to pursue an interactive storytelling format with a strong and disruptive visual approach that catches the attention of teenagers,” Jain added.

The BlackHeads campaign aims to generate a unique reach of over 20 million users through multiple interactive banners and messages. “The teaser campaign, which was unveiled a little more than a week ago, is currently in its second phase. We will soon reveal the characters – 'Oily Omkar', 'Sticky Suzy', 'Don BlackHead' and 'Lil Don'. Then we will reveal the last part of the campaign in two stages that will educate consumers about blackheads. Apart from being visually stimulating, the campaign focuses on core communication and has strong elements of education and zeroing in on the product truth,” said Harshil Karia, Online Strategist at FoxyMoron.

Karia informed that the motive of campaign is twofold: to increase reach and visibility, and to engage consumers via social media, blogs and search engine optmisation tools. While the campaign will be on for 60 days, it took close to two and a half months to create the characters, Karia said.

Excited with the interest that the campaign has generated online, Jain said, “The aim is not only to entertain but also to educate. The campaign has generated a lot of interest and people are increasingly talking about the brand.”


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