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History TV18 launches new reality series ‘Pawn Stars’

Showcasing the lifestyle of pawnbrokers, the show premiers on Thursday, March 29, 2012 at 10 pm

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | March 26, 2012

Whenever people need fast cash, pawnbrokers are there to strike a deal and they've been doing it for centuries! This March, HISTORY TV18 presents viewers with “PAWN STARS” - a reality series that showcases the lifestyle of pawnbrokers. For those who’ve never spent a night in the desert with the Harrison clan, they are a family of smart, funny, weird desert rats who own the only pawnshop in Las Vegas and earn their living through customer’s treasured possessions. It’s the Harrison family where three generations of men – grandfather, father and son all named Richard Harrison amusingly clash while running the family business together. The grandfather goes by Richard “The Old Man”, his bald son goes by Rick “The Spotter”, and Rick’s son goes by Corey “Big Hoss”. These men wheel and they deal and put a value on people’s long forgotten, priceless treasures.

Three generations of men who want to make money, don’t just buy things because they have to buy it – they buy it to make fast money. The Harrison family (Richard, Rick and Corey) has been in the pawn business since 1988 for which they use their sharp-eyed skills to carefully assess the value of items brought by their colorful customers, including objects ranging from the obscure to the truly historic. Their experience often helps them determine if the object brought in is real or fake and then reveal the surprising answer to the usual question "What's it worth?" These guys are like “quote machines” as they say in journalism.

There are Rolexes and motor cycles, but also two-century old rifles, a century-old Samurai sword, a 1920s surgical chair, a Super Bowl ring, Olympic medals and an 1830 gold-gilded Ormolu clock known as ‘The Death Clock’ because gilders handled deadly mercury while crafting it.

From a 15th century Samurai sword to a Picasso painting, there isn’t much these men haven’t seen or heard about, inevitably making them experts in rare collectables. They’ve sold a watch to Alice Cooper and lent jewellery for the film shoot of 2007’s ‘Lucky You’.

Rick says his customers are fine people who pawn stuff for cash because they’re single moms and didn’t get child support or they need groceries or they need to pay payroll for their small company or their grandfather died and “left me this stupid thing”. Each episode of PAWN STARS features an array of quirky characters attempting to sell, purchase or pawn items. Everything and everyone has a story and it’s the Harrison family’s job to decipher fact from fiction, because in this business, the customer isn’t always right!

It is totally engaging and enthralling to watch these ‘experts’ beat everyone down to prices that are quite questionable. As Rick says, “Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s worth money!”


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