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Sandeep Vij calls it a day at DDB Mudra Group

Set to pursue his entrepreneurial venture, Banyan Netfaqs, which brings out afaqs and Mobile Indian

Neha Saraiya | Delhi | January 10, 2012

After over 22 years with Mudra Group, Sandeep Vij, CEO, DDB India & Chief Knowledge Officer and Executive Director, DDB Mudra Group, has decided to call it a day. Vij is all set to pursue his entrepreneurial venture, Banyan Netfaqs! Pvt Ltd (BNPL), established in 1999 and which has the websites afaqs! and The Mobile Indian under its umbrella.

Vij is in the process of finalising the new verticals of the online business of Banyan Netfaqs!, but is in no hurry. He said that the specifics of the new verticals may include personal finance, education or healthcare.

Speaking to about his next move, he said, “It’s the best time to move on. It works both ways because it’s the ideal time to get into a larger involvement. In any case, the plan for my future was to develop the online company into new verticals for which we are looking at funding.”

He added, “Also, with the changeover in the Omnicom and Mudra structure, the ideal time for me to quit was now, because it’s a completely new book and if I am not there to make a long-term commitment, then it’s better to move out.”

As of now, there has been no replacement of Vij at the agency, and his duties will be looked after directly by Madhukar Kamath, CEO and Managing Director, Mudra Group. His transition period at the agency is open, and t could vary from three to six months.

Talking about his experience of working at Mudra, he said, “I have had the most glorious time with Mudra in these years which was divided in two phases. The first phase was much smaller as I had joined in 1988 and back then, Mudra was a smaller agency. At that time, I had left Mudra to set up afaqs! after working for 12 years. Then I came back and this time, Mudra was already a large agency and we were planning to become a large communication group. But overall, both the times were exciting, as there was a goalpost – that of moving in a new direction every time.”

Vij had started his career with Bates 141 (then Clarion) in 1984.

Vij says that Mudra’s creative work for Volkswagen Polo and Dhara Refined Oil have been among his favourite campaigns.

Commenting about Mudra’s future post the Omicom buyout, he said, “I think whatever happens would be fantastic for Mudra. With Omnicom on board, there will be a great amount of competence in a variety of things including healthcare, shopper marketing, social media and digital. Omicom respects that Mudra has built a large infrastructure in various practices and those practices will further be sharpened and fine tuned.”

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Comments (2)
  • NATARANJAN - 10 years ago

    Well done,Sandy!i never forget you are my first admirer of MASTERMIND...and thank you for the "hole in the paper" tribute via Volks! - roni

  • NATARANJAN - 10 years ago

    Nandu was in town, Sandy ...remember him ?...he was group product manager, Chocs & Confectionery, when i punched that hole in the PIONEER for Nestle POLO launch, in the color section, because Sajive Kanwar wouldn't let me put a hole in the 'O' in the PIONEER on the masthead ...which was my original idea ...he said Chandan Mitra would simply strangle, i settled for the color section... but what a noise we made with that and Freddy's creative! Nandu is now zone director , Nestle Asia-Oceania, i think...are you in touch with him? Time to tell him NESCAFE 'my first cup' ad based on my original "rite of passage" positioning is a casting disaster...and why has the KIT KAT break taken a 'magical, mystical, anthropomorphic' turn? Really tests one's credulity!Perhaps the corp "bird-nest" thing is playing too much on the brand mind...losing balance...strange!