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After 'Har friend', now meet Airtel's 'Kanjoos' & 'F1' friend

To take the brand connect further, Airtel has unveiled two new TVCs, created by Taproot India, extending the friendship theme

After ‘Har friend’, now meet Airtel's ‘Kanjoos’ & ‘F1’ friend

To take the brand connect further, Airtel has unveiled two new TVCs, created by Taproot India, extending the friendship theme

Neha Saraiya | Delhi | September 27, 2011

Airtel’s popular campaign ‘Har friend zaroori hai, yaar’ released a month back focusing on the theme of friendship has been a huge hit, if numbers are to be believed. The campaign, conceived by Taproot India, has already clocked around 2.27 million views on YouTube; the video has been shared over 81,000 times on Facebook; and it has mentioned by over 20K tweets, making for a Twitter reach of 11.14 lakh!

Not only that, the Facebook  application  of the commercial has seen 4,80,000 visits so far and as many as 86, 000 people have used the campaign’s app, with the number of  people  tagged  through it reaching over 1.5 lakh users. The number of downloads for the commercial in August escalated to 116,923 downloads.

To take the brand connect further, Taproot India has released two more TVCs of the campaign -- ‘Kanjoos Friend’ and ‘F1 Friend’. While the previous ad etched upon various avatars of friends including gaana buddy, chai buddy, forced friend, chat room friend and class room friend, the new commercials focus on the themes of miserliness and Formula 1 racing.

Watch the TVCs here:



The ‘Kanjoos Friend’ ad is a light-hearted take on the habit of giving missed calls in order to save every single penny. The TVC talks about the "special night calling packs” from the telco. The second TVC, ‘F1 Friend’, is a humorous story of friends longing to watch the F1 race. The TVC introduces "the A ticket" which promises an entry to the forthcoming Airtel F1 Grand Prix at Noida. Airtel is the title sponsor for India’s foray into F1 Grand Prix racing.

Commenting on the new piece of communication, Airtel’s spokesperson said, “We find that the buzz created by our last campaign has triggered a new way of driving conversations. For instance, people have gone ahead and used the very real and relevant ‘HFZ’ brand idea to create their own spoofs on the anthem, e.g., ‘har boss zaroori hota hai’, etc.”

Agnello Dias, Chairman & Co-Founder, Taproot India, told, “We have powered the ‘Har ek friend Zaruri hai’ campaign’ with a more product-centric communication message this time.” Aggie also shared an anecdote that occurred during the making of the ad. He said, “In the F1 commercial, the sound created by the youngsters through loudspeakers and hair dryers was so real at one point that we had to request the actors to make it a little less real!”

While the original TVC was directed by Ram Madhvani of Equinox Films, the new TVCs now on-air have been directed by Ayappa from Footcandles Films. These two TVCs will be followed by a couple of more short films along with some innovation on the digital front.

Besides the TVC, Airtel is taking multiple initiatives around the Formula 1 event during the festival season. Like a ‘Simulator Challenge’ wherein several roadshows will be conducted with a Simulator/X Box console game across top 6 metros covering malls, colleges and pubs. The player with the highest score gets to win ‘The A ticket’. It will also conduct the ‘Airtel grid girls programme’ wherein the company will hunt for 48 girls who would become the "face of the race" on the racing circuit.

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