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Interview: Ambika Sharma, Founder, Pulp strategy

She is few among the herd of successful female strategists in the industry. And these days she is busy honing her entrepreneurial skills...

Interview: Ambika Sharma, Founder, Pulp strategy

From ‘Good will’ to ‘Dream’ Hunting!

She is few among the herd of successful female strategists in the industry. And these days she is busy honing her entrepreneurial skills...

By Neha Saraiya

Last month, Ambika Sharma bid adieu to her cushiony job as the CEO of Jagran Solution, the activation arm of Jagran Prakashan group. During the gestation period, the lady was busy scouting an office space and clearing out other formalities for her latest rendition. Called as Pulp strategy, her newly launched agency, operates in the experimental marketing space with a pool of strategists that Ambika swears to be working on the principle of seven Ps including Pitch, People, Plan, Product, Promise, PR & WOM, and Package value.

Although new, the agency network as Ambika claims is widespread with some international presence in markets like US, UK and UEA. She also intends to bank on some unique properties like I cafe reaching out to an audience base of 1.9 Lac each day.

In a candid interaction with, the endearing lady opens up and speaks her heart out, to what went in the making of Pulp strategy...

Q) What are your key learning's at Jagran Solutions?

Ans) There are many experience driven learning’s, thus it’s difficult to list them down. But, on a broader note, the experience which I drew from the process of starting an agency and then building it up to a name to reckon with was priceless. It was in true essence the journey of a start up to success story with all its challenges and learning’s.

Q) When did this thought of starting up your own outfit immersed in your mind?

Ans) Brand activations is people’s business and draws its success from the people who nurture it. Also, if you love the business it will surely love you back. I have had the opportunity as well as the inclination many times in the past but it was now when the time was ripe, to tread the entrepreneur path and the natural step of progression in the field I love.

Q) What was the procedure like? Any peculiar challenges?

Ans) Change is never easy, and if there are no challenges then one is not doing enough. This is true fact of life not just restricted to business or careers. Challenges have been and will continue to be in the path just as the fact that they shall be overcome. Challenges which are past are behind me, and the ones in the future I am not aware of till now. Thus I simply, made up my mind, consolidated thought, action and resources and went for it. Being a Start up is more about the mental strength and confidence than about anything else. For me, the process to raise the bar has just begun.

Q) Why Pulp strategy as the name?

Ans) “Pulp” embodies a shapeless form of bodied material, processed to from paper. The name basically resonates to our multitude of solutions given to our clients.

Q) Have you bought out the office space? Anything specific that you did or want to do with the interiors?

Ans) The "Strategists Den" as we like to call the office is vibrant with splashes of aggressive RED, and base of warm neutral Alberta Maple. It’s an Open office format with open spaces designed for efficiency. We have also created spaces and thought rooms, where teams can assemble to collaborate, ideate and chill out as we promote personalization of space. The Team is incredibly creative and the office supports different work styles. The Den is a work in progress, it moulds itself to the team.

Q) What shall be the core area of expertise at your agency?

Ans) We specialise in the Business to consumer experiential marketing space, providing customized and measurable solutions to address specific brand marketing objectives.

Q) What's the current headcount of the agency? Where do you expect it to reach in a month's time?

Ans) I have been very selective in our people approach. "Pulp Strategy" is an incredibly fun place to be in, it’s a refreshing state of mind and we want to preserve that environment as the team grows. Thus we seek for individuals that do not conform to stereo types. At the same time, we appreciate creativity but we also know activation is about reality. As of now, the team is growing fast however it will never be about the quantity but about the quality of people and their impact.

Q) Any current client's in hand?

Ans) Yes, but would reveal in due course.

Q) Any new model or techniques that you shall be adopting at Pulp?

Ans) We aim to be in the consumer engagement space holistically. Social and on ground are the two mediums that complement each other and when used in an integrated manner double the value for a client.

Q) But which out of the two mediums has a real strong potential in coming times?

Ans) Both the mediums complement each other and work towards one common goal "consumer engagement for your brand". Now this can be used either in synergy or individually. But the point is that both are fast growing mediums and when used in synergy adds greater value to a brand.

Q) What does the agency logo resonates?

Ans) The Logo is simplistic and clear with rounded edges. Our colour palette mirrors out, our world of creative innovation and rational realism. The red and yellow are energetic, bold, and optimistic symbolic of youth while the Maroon and brown are the earth tones of realism derived from depth of experience. The letter forms are carefully rounded to communicate approachability, fitment and smooth flow with no sharp edges. The arrows show focus towards the core, multiple perspectives and an integrated approach. Communicating a well thought out balanced and progressive approach.

Q) Any plans on international front? Or any tie-ups?

Ans) Although we are headquartered in Delhi, we have networks in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Chennai. We also have some international associate tie ups in countries like UK, Australia, USA, Thailand, Singapore and UAE.

Q) What's your agenda for your agency in a year's time? Any set targets?

Ans) The next one year we are focused on delivering unique, result oriented programs. We believe that good work speaks for itself and this will be our primary focus in all times to come. But all I would like to say that we are a challenger agency and the goals we have set for ourselves are really aggressive.

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