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UTV Bindass returns with Emotional Atyachar 3

Premiering on 10th June with Ajay Devgan as co-host, the show gets Micromax Mobile as title sponsor.

UTV Bindass returns with Emotional Atyachar 3

Premiering on 10th June with Ajay Devgan as co-host, the show gets Micromax Mobile as title sponsor.

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | June 6, 2011

UTV Bindass, the No.1 youth brand returns with the latest season of its award winning cult reality show, Micromax Mobile presents UTV Bindass Emotional Atyachaar Season 3!

The incredible formula which grabbed everyone’s attention and catapulted Bindass to the No.1 youth channel, proved to be a reliable platform to save youth from the Emotional Atyachaar in their lives.

Emotional Atyachaar, the largest youth reality format till date, is back with season 3 which promises even more zing than the previous two seasons. This season, while taking relationships to a different climax the show reiterates the basic fears and doubts of youngsters regarding commitment, trust and honesty for their love.

Commenting on the launch, Keith Alphonso, Business Head, UTV Bindass said, “Emotional Atyachaar is groundbreaking and has a cult following amongst the youth. We have brought the skeletons out of the closets and saved many youngsters who were at the brink of emotional destruction. This truly has been the essence of our show. The 3rd season of the show with a tagline that goes ‘CHEATERS BEWARE YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE IS HERE’ is packed with a punch and a brand new look. It’s only because of its authenticity that EA has got unprecedented popularity and connect with the youth like never before and will continue to do so.”

The ultimate surprise this season will be the very suave and no nonsense Ajay Devgn who will co-host as well as kickstart the season in his inimitable style. Graciously stepping in after having been a guest last season, he will add a layer of his captivating and dynamic persona on to the show. Ajay will personally review the stories, interact with the leads and give his views on where the story truly stands. Beginning his second innings on the show, accompanying Ajay Devgn will be the dashing Pravesh Rana who has been pegged as the all time favorite host on Emotional Atyachaar.

Emotional Atyachaar has always saluted the heroes who put their relationship to the test because they believed in nothing but the truth. Season 3 also carries forward the same spirit but is packed with a whole new dimension to take down the unfaithful brigade!

The EA team is determined to repeat the feat third time around with cutting edge technology that will be used for investigations which will help the EA team literally be EVERYWHERE!

For the first time we shall be showing the research and attention that goes into the selection process of the cases that finally make it to Emotional Atyachaar. The audiences will now be able to witness and appreciate the grueling process of selecting each story that makes it to the show. Showcasing this process will bring a certain amount of depth to the show while making the audiences aware of what goes behind making an episode of EA happen.

With state of the art recording devices, the EA team can be absolutely anywhere! Right from the wrist watch of your friend to the belt of your lover, at all places unthinkable and unimaginable. They are all around you and will catch the culprits red-handed!

Micromax Mobile presents Bindass Emotional Atyachaar season 3 is being produced by UTV Television.



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