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Google India launches new tools to help Indian businesses go global

Introduces free online tools for Indian advertisers to find new markets overseas.

Google India launches new tools to help Indian businesses go global

Introduces free online tools for Indian advertisers to find new markets overseas.

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | June 2, 2011

Continuing with its focus on the Indian SMB sector, Google India today announced the launch of Google Global Market Finder - a free online tool for advertisers to find new markets overseas. The new tool is designed to help Indian businesses expand their business and reach out to potential customers in the international markets. This tool will be available as part of Google Ads for Global Advertisers, a new website and hub for businesses to identify, reach, and engage with customers worldwide.

The new tool will help businesses of all sizes address traditional barriers to international expansion, such as finding the right customers, translating their websites and ad campaigns into local languages, and reaching customers in foreign markets with relevant ads. The Global Market Finder and Google Ads for Global Advertisers will be available to advertisers in 43 languages.

Speaking at the ‘Think Export with Google’ event held by Google, Sridhar Seshadri, Head Online Sales, Google India said, “We have seen tremendous success with the adoption of our AdWords platform by Indian SMBs in the last two years in the domestic market. And with the launch of these new tools for export oriented businesses in India, we want to bring the benefit of Google’s global reach and help Indian SMBs compete at a global stage and overcome traditional hurdles of marketing in the international market.”

“According to the recent foreign trade data released by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Indian export market has witnessed 37.5% growth in 2010-2011 fiscal year, which is a standing testimony of the huge potential of this space. With this launch, we want to reach out and help all advertisers, especially SMBs, by giving them access to information about the markets that have shown demand for their products. Since the tool determines demand based on the how often the product is searched for online in a particular geography, it is quite accurate in its assessment of demand,“ he added.

Global Market Finder ( helps in identifying new markets with high demand for your products and services. Businesses enter keywords that describe their product or service and select the region they’d like to explore. The Global Market Finder automatically translates those keywords into any one of 56 languages used in the selected region. It then ranks each location by opportunity based on factors like local search volume, suggested bid price, and competition for each translated keyword.

Google Ads for Global Advertisers ( is a new website where businesses can learn how to expand into foreign markets. It contains tools and tips to help businesses:

  • Find the right market for their products and services using tools like the Global Market Finder and the Consumer Commerce Barometer.
  • Translate their website and ad text using Google Translate Web Element and Google Translator Toolkit.
  • Reach new customers with relevant online ads using services like Google AdWords.
  • Understand options for international payment, shipping, and customer service.

Google has already helped hundreds of thousands of businesses reach new customers in foreign markets. The Global Market Finder and Google Ads for Global Advertisers website will help even more businesses realize their global potential. These tools are especially relevant for SMEs as they do not have the resources required for in-depth research and insights into unexplored markets.

Sharing his experience, an entrepreneur from Kochi, Brijith Shaji, Managing Director of Arbrit Safety and Engg solutions- , a consultancy service on Health and Safety management said, “Initially, for a long time we believed that our customers were limited only to Kerala and the neighboring markets at best. Google AdWords made us realise that there were several other markets whose potential we had never even considered. The AdWords platform enabled us to not only identify this target group, but also helped us to tap other markets in a focused and effective manner. We were able to enhance our business prospects to several new markets both in India and the Middle East. The results have been simply phenomenal as Google AdWords has thrown open a whole new customer universe for us.”

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