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Samsonite launches its Global brand campaign in India

The 360 degree campaign Step out with Samsonit includes a TVC directed by Singaporean director; watch the TVC here.

Samsonite launches its Global brand campaign in India

The 360 degree campaign Step out with Samsonit includes a TVC directed by Singaporean director; watch the TVC here.

Neha S | Delhi | May 12, 2011

Samsonite, the world’s leading luggage maker announces the launch of their new global campaign – Step Out. For the first time in the history of the brand, Samsonite will unveil its new communication simultaneously worldwide on Monday, 9th May 2011. This is a campaign built around the ethos of the brand Samsonite and not just a product proposition.

Shot extensively across 3 countries - China, U.S. and Nepal, the campaign aims at inspiring the ‘inner nomad’ in everybody who strives to achieve his dreams despite the odds, be it in their career or while travelling the world.  This will be the brand’s first attempt to move away from product led campaigns and focus on the brand message. This also ties in with the larger strategy that will facilitate the diversification of the business into the retail lifestyle space.

Going by their new messaging - cutting away from the monotony of life, Samsonite has adapted the same philosophy in their communication strategy. The brand for the first time has done away with the traditional advertising route of releasing the TVC followed by a print ad and online and instead broken record in their domain by capturing the online space even before the TVC releases worldwide through a partnership with a renowned cricket expert on the Samsonite video blog.


This association aimed at promoting the brand’s new proposition has already gone online leading to over a million hits. This strategy has garnered extensive mileage to the new campaign thereby creating enough buzz till it is finally unveiled on television.

Commenting on the launch of the campaign Subrata Datta, Managing Director, Samsonite South Asia said, “Samsonite is a contemporary lifestyle brand beyond just ‘luggage’. Through our new campaign we intend to communicate our vision for Samsonite as a brand that understands the challenges of a contemporary life on the move and provide diverse product solutions across categories. We hope that this will serve as an inspiring campaign for our consumers as we strive to fulfill our vision of being a brand for travelers across the globe.”

The idea behind this concept is to make you think of the life you’re having. Are you living authentically? Are you ready to recalibrate your life to live to your fullest potential? The sturdiness of Samsonite is built to accompany you as you unfold. Are you built for more experience, more trophies, and more life? Or are you merely rehearsing? Don’t let you stop you. Step out of your limits, your everyday, your work, your mind. Follow your heart.

The film is directed by Sng Tong Beng. With his unique and intimate visual style, the Singaporean director Sng Tong Beng was selected for this project partly based on his successful work for major companies such as Qantas, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and McDonald’s.

The Director of the film SNG TONG BENG says, “This film, in essence, is about ‘an invitation to, and a celebration of travel and discovery’. The script invites us to celebrate the emotional reasons for the steps we take beyond our own boundaries of familiarity, comfort and knowledge. The film celebrates this with visual reminders of why we are inspired, challenged and invited to take those steps. From great peaks in the country to canyons of buildings in cities, from views of endless deserts to window views of oceans, from seeing the rhythm of humanity to the silence of the nature, from manmade paths to paths unknown. By celebrating the world, Samsonite celebrates each step taken together with you.”

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