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MTV India launches Age of Sinnocence

Launched a book comprising an explosive & insightful cutting edge youth research; organizes youth forum on 29th April.

MTV India launches Age of Sinnocence

Launched a book comprising an explosive & insightful cutting edge youth research; organizes youth forum on 29th April.

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | April 28, 2011

The average Indian youth believe that lies don’t hurt anyone and honesty is no longer about always doing the right thing, where in 54% admit to have cheated in exams, 35% say it’s ok to cheat and lie to do well in their job. 90% men agree that money attracts the opposite sex and 66% of men are in favour of getting physical in a relationship. Money is the most important factor in a job, while 90% want to earn more than their parents, 60% say they would look for shortcuts to success and 47% feel it is ok to offer sexual favours to move up in life.

These are just some of the findings from the study duly titled ‘Virgin Mobiles Presents MTV Age of Sinnocence’, undertaken by MTV India, in association with TNS and Quantum Consumer Solutions.

Aditya Swamy, Channel Head, MTV India, affirms, “MTV’s has always invested in studying and understanding the youth. Over the years, our studies have thrown up some very interesting insights. Our headline study for 2011, Age of Sinnocence, is an opportunity for us to open our minds to the world of young people. Today, Young India is confident and courageous. They are experience junkies. Nothing is taboo, nothing is out of reach. With this kind of self belief, the sky is the limit for this generation. And to connect with them, you need to be provocative and break all rules. Welcome to a world where SIN is IN …”

With a mix of quantitative questionnaires, qualitative group discussion, ethnography analyses, video dairy presentations, peer group discussions & an extensive semiotics study, conducted amongst 2400 youth between the age group of 18 to 24 years across 13 cities in India, the study resonates the attitude of today’s generation - Virtues are out, Vices are in. The traditional Vices that were frowned upon are now the driving forces in Youth life - No inhibitions, no barriers, no judgments passed. All aptly captured in the “Age of Sinnocence”.

A youth brand itself, Virgin Mobile’s Madhusudan Mandyam, Chief Executive Officer, Virgin Mobile India says “Youth has become the catch word of every marketer these days as they are the ones with growing disposable income and thriving aspirations. They live for today, dream for the future and do not shy away from splurging beyond means. I would call this generation, the lean forward generation as they constantly want to explore, dream and discover and that is what marketers need to create various hybrid platforms like. Hence, we are delighted to partner with MTV for this forum which will further cement our presence and the strong relationship we enjoy in the youth segment"

The research all packaged in a book was officially launched on 27th April 2011 by MTV India. Presented in true MTV style, enveloped in a funky & innovative packaging, including a digital output, the book will be priced at Rs 10,000 and will be available at all leading bookstores, online stores or can be brought directly from MTV.

Following the book launch, MTV brings back its most iconic property - The Youth Marketing Forum in a bigger, fresher and more engaging avatar ‘Virgin Mobiles Presents MTV Age of Sinnocence’. The Youth Marketing Forum is scheduled on the 29th of April 2011 in Mumbai at ‘The Comedy Store’ – Palladium, Lower Parel. The forum will discuss MTV’s massive research of Youth Vices and Virtues conducted across India. Different sessions during the Forum will explore the relationship and attitude of Indian youth towards money, aspirations, career, ambition, romance, sex life all bundled into the ‘Age of Sinnocence’.

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