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Amrita TV offers a windfall for Vishu

Lines up marathon programming for the Vishu on 15th April.

Amrita TV offers a windfall for Vishu

Lines up marathon programming for the Vishu on 15th April.

April 14, 2011

On April 15th, Vishu day, Amrita TV gifts its viewers with largesse of unforgettable programmes as a harbinger of good fortune and prosperity all through the coming year.

Mummy and Me, the super hit blockbuster movie starring Suresh Gopi, Kunchacko Boban, Archana Kavi, Urvasi and Mukesh makes its world premiere at 9.00 am on Vishu morning.

Amrita TV offers a double treat showcasing both the mega stars of Malayalam from 8.30 to 9.30 prime time: Mammootty opens up to Srinivasan in a confidential heart-to-heart talk in which they discuss the emerging trends in films, the current state of Malayalam Cinema, the direction in which it is headed etc in Paurushathinte Meda Vishu at 8.30 pm. Mohanlal holds forth on his forthcoming movies, films on the cards and challenges thrown up by new roles in Abhinayathinte Kaineettam at 9.00pm.

Carrying on the auspicious mood set by glimpsing the kani at the crack of dawn, Vishukani at 6 am too starts the propitious day with a ritual offering to the Divine. It presents a refreshing feast of devotional melodies by the contestants of Raga Ratnam Junior-2 in the form of 3 keerthanas- Kani kanum neram, Gopala ka pahima and Bhajare Gopalam.

Situated in the pastoral beauty of Thanikudam, a picturesque village on the border between Palakkad and Thrissur and one of the last bastions of agriculture in Kerala, Manninte Kaineettam at 7.00am is a depiction of the thanksgiving that an agrarian society offers for its rich Vishu harvest, which is Earth’s bounty to the villagers. They place the yield at the foot of the local deity and express their gratitude for the generosity of Mother Nature through folk songs, dance and other art forms.

Kanikonna Pookkalum Vishukaineetavum at 7.30 am visits virtuosos from various creative fields: C.Radhakrishnan, acclaimed writer &film director, Sumangala the Enid Blyton of Malayalam, Mundoor Sethumadhavan short story writer of renown, K.P .Ramanunni prominent novelist of works such as Sufi Paranja Katha, Janardhanan Puthussery folk singer and Sadanandan Anikath distinguished painter and collects their remembrances of Vishu to form a glorious floral pattern of recollections.

From the heart of the agrarian tranquility of Kuttanad comes Naadan Paattinte Kaineettam at 8.30 am with a splendid crop of koithu pattu, vanchi pattu and kali pattu that depict the gaiety and festivity of the simple rustic farmers, at the end of a good harvest season.

It is verse time at 3.30 pm in the elite company of  Mahakavi Akkitham, Kendra Sahitya Academy Award winner, along with Alangode Leelakrishnan and P.P Ramachandran, eminent poets  who drop in at the Akkitham Mana to pay their respects to the celebrated  bard in Kavithayude Kaineettam . In an atmosphere throbbing with mellifluous rhymes, the poets quote lines from their own work as Akkitham bestows a Vishu memento by reciting couplets from his best compositions.

Providing a humorous interlude is Narmathinte Kaineettam at  4.00pm in which well known comedy stars from the film and television fraternity pull out all stops to provide a half an hour of sheer hilarity through game shows, anthakshari  and droll exchanges .

From the comical, one moves on to the warmth of friendship in Sauhridathinte Kaineettam at 4.30 pm in the vivacious company of the generation X of Malayalam films, Kunchacko Boban, Indrajith, Samvritha Sunil, Ann  Augustine, Kathal Sandhya and director V.K. Prakash. Totally relaxed and informal, these effervescent youth horse around and make merry perching atop trees or loll on the floor and  compare notes on their filmy experience during the shoot of ‘Three Kings’.

Dance takes centre stage at 5.00pm in Nrithyathinte Kaineettam in which Padmashree Kalamandalam Kshemavathy interacts with Rajashree Warrier, Dr. Neena Prasad and a couple of her students who call on her on Vishu morning. She enacts a poem composed by Sugathakumari, gives brief dancing lessons for her students and depict the myriad lasya bhavas of Bharatanatyam.

An intimate chat with M.S Vishwanathan follows in Snehathinte Kaineettam at 5.30 pm.

Abhinayathinte Kaineettam features cosy tete-a-tetes with Dileep at  7.00pm and young frontline heroine Bhama at  8.00pm.

Touching up the Vishu morning with the dazzling hues of talent is Nirangalude Kaineettam at 7.30pm spotlighting veteran painter Artist Namboothiri, J .R Prasad retired Chief Artist of Mathrubhoomi and Sekar Ayyanthole art teacher and former president of Kerala Chithrakala Parishath. They relive previous Vishu celebrations through the tinted glass of their memories at the end of which Artist Namboothiri gifts the others with a couple of his classics in canvas as a souvenir.

This year’s Vishu celebrations finish off on a high note in Viplavathinte Vishu Pakshi at 9.30pm when Amrita TV catches up with V.S Achuthanandan on his blistering campaign trail. The Chief Minister pauses in the heat and dust of electioneering to flip back to the tempestuous times of his youth when revolution brewed in the blood of the firebrand leader, to reminiscence about the Vishu of those stormy days.

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