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Vdopia helps monetize livestreaming of ICC World Cup

Online livestreaming of ICC World Cup on is to fuel the purchase path of the Marketers.

Vdopia helps monetize livestreaming of ICC World Cup

Online livestreaming of ICC World Cup on is to fuel the purchase path of the Marketers.

Neha S | Delhi | March 31, 2011

Vdopia, a leading online and mobile video monetization company has recently helped monetize the livestreaming of ICC World Cup 2011. Vdopia leads the online livestreaming proficiency and moreover it is India’s first company to live stream various Cricket Tournaments.

Vdopia was responsible for the online advertising of The Compaq Cup series on in September 2009 and it was the first live streaming of Cricket Tournament in India.

Afterwards, Vdopia had successfully empowered Rich media dynamic ads through various other live cricket events like Asia Cup Series in June 2010 on of Nimbus Communications Ltd and ICC World TWENTY20 series on The video experience during these tournaments was complimented by commentary and statistics. In addition, it also allowed viewers to simultaneously chat with friends & family and other passionate fans during live webcasts.

There seems to be an immense potential in the online video space due to rapidly growing numbers of broadband users in the Indian market along with the consistency in acceptability & adaptability of online video streaming by viewers; including Live streaming of cricket matches, News, TV serials, songs, videos etc which have their biggest contribution towards evolving online video space.

Vdopia has recently come up with a report based on the data accumulated over the last 2 years and is a representation of trends around video-content advertising in India as captured on their network. The study marked the online content usage growth of 459% QoQ growth, vis a vis a growth of 195% for the same (JAS) quarter last year. Quarters that have live sports event coverage tend to witness steep growth thereby indicating a trend towards active live content consumption. Entertainment (movie and motion pictures related content) followed by news are the major genres of video inventory availability in the country today followed by live sports events (more seasonal) and games.

According to the IAMAI report on Online Advertsiing - Total Online Advertising market of India is estimated at Rs. 785 crores for the year FY2009-10 and is expected to grow to Rs. 993 crores in year FY2010-11

The increase in demand of online video consumption, bringing in more numbers of content developers in Online Video space catering to myriad consumers’ interests. Like, & (for livestreaming of cricketmatches), & (for livestreaming of News) & Youtube (for entertainment videos) etc. The numbers are further expected to grow big time due to a huge unexplored potential in terms of diversified consumer’s interests within metros. And with broadband reaching to the different corners of the country, content developers are setting their edge to come up with unique content to target myriad untapped audience even beyond metros.

Brands have been accumulating tremendous mileage from online advertising space due to different interactive, & highly acceptable ad formats, And due to Video monetization (ensures an ad reach to right target audience at right time)

Brands are looking forward to online advertising in order to deliver the brand experience through unique & interactive ad formats. Apart from plain-vanilla WAP banner ads brands opt for more interactive options such as Pre- / Post- / Mid-roll ads, Talk2Me Ads, Dynamic skin branding and product placement ad formats. These ads ensure user’s engagement & interactivity, thus Brands are getting an additional platform to reach out to users with increased interactivity and acceptance. And also due to the monetization capabilities Brands are ensured to reach a right target audience at right time.

Analytics plays a Critical Role

Advertisers head towards extending their online advertising budget every year. Besides leveraging the premium online content, it has become equally important for the brands to assess the RoI. After all, there is no point of spending a lot of expertise to create, capture, and deliver the content, if one fails to measure the success / return.

As Internet ad budgets are quickly rising in lock step, the situation turns out be more critical for marketers as they are unable to accurately measure the ROI of their digital media investments.

Every advertiser looks for opportunities to buy best inventory which is aligned with target demographics and which can even measure the REACH performance of the campaign, especially when we consider how fragmented the media and device has become

One of the most important tool to calculate the ROI is analytics, that tell you about your content business, show you how to monetize your content, tell you what is and is not working, and—when relevant—tie directly into online video advertising. However, more than 50 per cent of the advertisers are unaware of these analytics because of the limited expertise / resources in the market. Analytics clearly identifies the success or failure of the online video content.

The various aspects suggest that Vdopia has been able to identify the key role of analytics. It is also the key towards not only improving content offering, but also attracting additional advertising finance and increasing the efficiency and impact.

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