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New Brand Campaign Re-positions Tata Photon Plus

Moves a step further from speed and adds time to take the brand to next level; watch the TVC here.

New Brand Campaign Re-positions Tata Photon Plus

Moves a step further from speed and adds time to take the brand to next level; watch the TVC here.

Neha S | Delhi | March 9, 2011

Tata Photon Plus, the high speed internet access service of Tata Teleservices is going through a brand re-positioning exercise. The new brand campaign proposes to give a new dimension, a perspective that it aims to communicate to its target audience. Within a short span of time, the brand Tata Photon has become iconic to high speed mobile internet services, through its core value proposition of providing uninterrupted speeds and seamless connectivity. The new brand campaign is titled as Get Speed, Get Time. The objective of the campaign is to introduce and reinforce the positioning platform of time and add a glorious new chapter to the endearing engagement shared by the brand and its customers.

The launch of Tata Photon Plus, in 2009 gave the Indian consumer access to superfast internet speeds that made a winning difference to the consumer’s life. According to the company, “It was important to establish two important aspects of Tata Photon Plus then, first being the high speed wireless broadband internet and secondly a Wireless USB device one can carry it along everywhere.”

Since the only available devices in the market at that time were 1x, people were frustrated with the speed. The company says, “This observation gave us the insight that “people hate being slow when the world is progressing much faster around them. The brand was launched on the platform of speed, with the line ‘I carry speed’. This proved to be a hugely successful proposition for the brand as the performance in the market was truly remarkable and showed enormous growth.”

Today, the brand has almost two million subscribers across India and is hugely popular. Since then, Tata Photon Plus has come a long way from just being able to provide the convenience and super fast internet services along with the surfing speed of up to 3.1Mbps to a complete gadget that takes on other tasks such as Live TV and Movies On Demand with ease.

The market scenario is however changing rapidly. With the advent of next generation services high speed services, speed becomes a point of parity from the branding and communications perspective. “Therefore we felt the need to move from a mere product perspective to an emotional benefit,” the company added further.


On the new positioning, the company states, “Post brain storming sessions with internal teams, dip sticks conducted across major metros, consumer feedback and our internal understanding of what thrust the brands needs now, we thought of moving a step further from speed and taking the brand to next level.”

What happens when one gets speed on hand? It translates into getting things done faster within stipulated timelines or maybe even before and therefore more time on hand to do get a life; doing something that one loves doing! Time is the new luxury for this generation and the most precious commodity in their lives, therefore the thought of Get Speed, Get Time – the opportunity to get more time for life as a result of the enhanced productivity enjoyed by Tata Photon users.

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